Goddards at Greenwich | Traditional pie mash and liquor restaurant in Greenwich London Goddards at Greenwich | Traditional pie mash and liquor restaurant in Greenwich London

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Goddards at Greenwich, London

And there's eels if you want them! For a tasty, traditional lunch on the go, this is an excellent choice. Buy Online Traditional pie and mash in Greenwich Goddards at Greenwich serves London's most traditional meal of pie mash and liquor.

These run the gamut from old-fashioned to decidedly modern, and combine to give you a full day of tasty and historic city riding.

Goddards United Kingdom

Peas and baked beans are also available. Bangers and Mash Exhibit C: In fact, some of the best culinary contributions to come out of Great Britain follow a distinct pattern: The original Goddards in Deptford dates all the way back toso when their Greenwich shop opened its doors some 60 years later it was already well versed in the secrets of incredible homemade pie making.

Paired with a pint of good beer and consumed in the right pub environment, these traditional working-class plates can transport you back to Victorian London at a time when cheap and flavorful dishes were in high demand.

To give you the full experience, Spinlister has put together a mapped cycling tour of some of our favorite gastropubs throughout the city.


We also have liquor and gravy. Whilst we stay true to the origins of London pie mash and liquor we also know that it is not to everyone's taste.

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It may sound like hyperbole, but this out of the way gem works hard to get all the details right, from the flowery front terrace and log-burning fireplace to the delicious specialty pies being baked up daily among other plates. Please view our menu to see what we offer. Large takeaway orders are welcome for parties and functions.

Or why not grab some pie n mash on your way home from work for a perfect 'no cooking' evening meal. He is an avid traveler and published travel writer, as well as a co-founder and former content director at Embark.

We look forward to serving you London's most famous dish!

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We are a family run business that has been serving pie and mash since Other pie flavours We can offer steak, chicken, lamb and vegetarian pies as an alternative to the traditional pie. Fish and Chips Exhibit B: This meal can be traced back through the 's and is an important part of London's food history.

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Ah, we can feel the soot on our faces already. These days, Goddards continues to churn out cheap and delicious plates daily for anyone willing to make the journey south of the Isle of Dogs.

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We have traditional wooden benches along with tables and chairs. So, we offer a range of pies including steak, chicken and vegetarian. Goddard's have been serving pie and mash in London for over years.

Traditional pies The most traditional London meal of them all.

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Located in the heart of the decidedly untouristy London borough of Southwark, this family-run restaurant is as authentic as they come, right down to the gold lettering out front and the jellied eels in the kitchen. Sit on the first floor and take in the views of Greenwich, or sit near the counter and enjoy the London banter!

We also have highchairs for our younger customers. Splash on some chilli vinegar and season for taste. Desserts If you still have room; enjoy a handmade fruit crumble or fruit pie with ice cream or custard. We are open everyday serving handmade pies which are baked throughout the day.

Takeaway Whether it's for a lazy lunch in Greenwich Park or an eat and work office lunch we are happy to offer takeaway containers to safely transport your pie and mash.

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Eat in Our air conditioned licensed restaurant can seat people so we have plenty of space for you to enjoy your pie and mash. Please ask if you have any questions about our food. Enjoy with mash and liquor or gravy.