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After all, the logic goes, why have hamburger when you can have Kevin James soliciting dating advice from a bunch of talking animals? When Spencer dispassionately reveals to Victor that he was paralyzed in a car accident that killed his wife, Spencer rejects Victor's sympathy and later reacts angrily when Victor installs a wheelchair-accessible ramp in the building.

As Spencer has been analyzed so much in other reviews, I won't do that here.

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The latest victim is a co-worker who last spoke of a blond, muscular man she met at the bar, and with whom she had a drink after she got off work at midnight. He must assume that nobody he knows will ever see him walking, leaving or arriving. There is a very funny scene in an episode of a Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon and Leonard try to move a massive heavy box for Penny three floors up.

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What he saw in her, we'll never know. Louise agrees to both plans. Wow, we never even saw him as a suspect. I wish I could like something so bad so easily.

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In no time, you are suspicious of all dating between different races working them.

I saw it coming. They talk to each other, as if reading from their scripts, so that we, the audience, can be updated. This, however, is anexceptional case! And if it wasn't enough that a serial killer is so boring and predictable, he is also quite stupid.

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You can lie about needing a wheelchair your body cannot. She has become obsessed with the story of a recent spate of serial murders committed in the area, and scours newspapers for stories about each victim.

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And by "ramp," I mean some lumber drilled onto a staircase. It was horrifying, to be honest. That, and his personal commitment to kicking Canadian cinema in the butt, however he can.

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Curious about the noise, Victor looks out his window and sees Spencer, whom he begins to suspect is the serial killer.

The other is acharming handsome man in a wheelchair, with a cynical and meaninterior.

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Though adapted by Tierney from the book by Chrystine Brouillet, which he read in grade nine, the referendum setting is unique to the film. He's the only other neighbour they know. He also seems to be falling for the one girl that nobody really cares about. This is the latest installment of what is a new genre, mostlyAmerican, where a bright, lighthearted tone keeps a relatively serioustheme tipped on edge the whole time.

Louise's wheelchair-bound neighbour, Spencer, shares her interest to a point but values his privacy and solitude. That person would have a one foot-gap between the two slats of wood for traction. The cast is small,the concept cute and macabre bothand the filming and editing firstrate.

Good Neighbours

The only thing I can comeup with to explain that fact is this: Canadian filmmakers know that the hardest part of their jobs is getting Canadian audiences to watch Canadian movies. During one of his secretive outings, one of Victor's friends spots him, though Victor dismisses the possibility that it could be Spencer.

Evil because it brings about two plot holes and one sloppy detail that you have to smoke some strong chronic to overlook it. Was this review helpful? So he builds a ramp. We then have the stumbling, talkative, annoying Victor.

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There is no way the landlady would accept such a dangerous and sloppy violation of building code? They are friendly, socially connected people. There is no need for character summaries and an introduction to the movie. Armed with just a hoodie as disguise much like Jack Bauerhe goes down a fire escape, raping and killing women in the middle of the night.

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Sign in to vote. She has trouble relating to people, and is the creepiest cat loverin film history.