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They said this year is more serious 3 fission track dating method you need to get, but judging from the kids they let through who didn't dance much the show doesn't seem serious it seems very unfair for the people that tried and didn't succeed.

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In addition to the above changes, the second series also saw the introduction of the Got to Dance bursary fund. The buttons correspond to three stars on the front of the judges desk.

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However it is the public who decide who progresses to the final by way of a phone vote, which unusually for such a programme uses standard landline numbers, not premium rate numbers.

After the auditions got to dance 3 edycja online dating complete, the judges work together to whittle their shortlist of acts down to just 18, who will take part in the live semi-finals.

A yes vote will turn that judges star gold, a no vote will turn it red.

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The judges once again issue gold or red stars, before the phone lines briefly open one final time. After a short period of voting, a vote reading is taken, and the three acts with the fewest votes are eliminated.

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Due to the number of street dance acts, an additional audition took place with six acts taking part in a head-to-head in order to win one of the final three places, and join the other 15 acts in the semi-finals.

This makes for a nice contrast with the judges on other talent shows who typically remain behind the desk. Although keeping the same host and judges, clearly buoyed by the success of the first series, several changes were made for the second run, each making the programme bigger.


Money has been spent on the programme, and it shows. At least that is what should have happened. While the votes are tallied, each week, one of the judges takes a turn at displaying the dancing skills that helped make them famous.

Secondly, more acts were put through to the live stages, resulting in seven acts performing in each of four semi-finals, in front of a strong studio audience - the largest ever UK TV studio audience according to Sky.

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Perhaps one negative was that so few older acts made it to the final the eldest finalist was just 16however that decision was in the hands of the public and is not one that can be levelled against the show itself. The fifth series saw more changes, starting with all of the open auditions taking place at the Roundhouse in Camden, north London.

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Firstly, the audition tour for the second series was much closer to a proper 'nationwide' tour than the first series. I have seen so much talent from adults, young adults and even little kids.

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Was this review helpful to you? The series also aired in August, rather than its usual January berth, ostensibly because presenter Davina McCall was busy in Austria in January Web coverage Got to Dance Backstage: The auditions take place in glorified tents, the dance domes, with each competitor having just a few minutes on stage to impress the judging panel - Ashley Banjo of Britain's Got Talent winners, Diversity, Hollywood actor, and member of the Tap Dogs, Adam Garcia, and Kimberly Wyatt of girl group, the Pussycat Dolls.

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Finally, the semi-finals were stripped across a week, rather than being a weekly event, and all the semi-finals took place at the London Olympia, rather than being studio-based.

This saw the end of the dance domes, which had previously traveled the country allowing people to audition closer to home.

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Similar to the street dance head-to-head additional audition seen in the first series, the second series saw eight acts, two each from different styles of dance, take part in the call-backs, where the judges asked them to perform again, before one act from each style was put through to the live finals.

The production values on the programme are high throughout.

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However, with the judges unable to choose between body poppers Chris and Adam, they decided to put them together as a duo, performing under the name Liquid Metallic.

I did think to myself as judges you have to be honest little kids or not you are judges and you should be honest and fair not just give them gold because they look cute. I have seen many talented people get kicked out and little three year olds have been allowed through as parents and judges you have to say to yourself they are young they may get upset if they fail to impress but you cant put a child through that especially if there is no actual proper dancing involved.

Unlike the BBC's similar showthere is no age limit for the participants, and groups as well as solo dancers are allowed to compete. I am a big fan of got to dance but i was rather disappointed and put off this year.

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After each act has performed, with no conferring, the judges each press a yes or a no button on the desk in front of them. It also became a requirement to receive a gold star from all three judges in order to progress from the open auditions stage, rather than just the two out of three stars it had been in all previous series.

As well as re-visiting London and Manchester, initial auditions in front of producers also took place in Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol, and Dublin.

However like in the first series, the dance domes and the judges only turned up in three locations - London, Glasgow, and Dublin.

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After all six acts have performed, the phone lines are opened, and the public have their say. During the final, each of the six acts performs again.

I have to say the only downfall about the show is they allow very young kids to enter the show and let them through because of how cute they were.