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Similar to Goten and Trunks, Gohan had the best training of his life when he was a child.

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I know that seems like a vague answer, but hear me out here! Superman is also too fast for Goku. Really Goku never really "beat" Vegeta. The first piece of evidence was due to the fact that Trunks was 1 year older than Goten and that naturally made him a bit more powerful than his best friend.

If you only watch cartoons and movies, learn something Later on during the battle, the boys fuse but fail on their first attempt saying that they were out of practice.

Son Goku and His Friends Return! It is interesting to note that Goten was putting in work while he was training along and that was what made Trunks rush out to join him! Goku is a god. You can read all about my thoughts on that subject in this blog. Or the shyt he'ssurvived or accomplished?

No, he will just give him a gentle pat on the head and the offer him to Vegeta.

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Now despite Trunks going into space with Goku and Pan to find the Blackstar Dragon Balls to save the earth and meeting all kinds of threats, Goten was christian mingle dating inspector to be more powerful than Trunks.

One that he even said had limits. After that, the two squared off in the finals of the Junior Division of the tournament in an impressive match.

Yes, I am one of those people who believe that in terms of power; Gotenks exceeds Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Yet he was stomped by some teenager, who had virtually no fighting experience.

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In any case, the two have not trained in a long period of time. This was further illustrated in GT when he only held the form for a minute or two when fighting Baby Vegeta for the first time.

Kratos would win with all his awesome weapons and kill him and goku son would die to if he dares to stand up. Also, the writing in Dragonball is pretty straight forward andpredictable.

OPactually and while that makes him admirable for holding back andbeing the best example of the very best of us, he's still kindaboring.

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Who would win in a fight vegeta or goku? Ichigo's final getsuga tensho cannot even scratch goku. I wouldn't lie toyou or be misinformed on what I say.

DBZ fights have always been a battle of power levels. Seriously, if we were talking Superboy Prime, Goku would bemurdered in a brutal way. A very high one.

Trunks age 18Vegeta and Bulma arrive on the scene later and it seems that Trunks has been slacking off in his training as well.

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It's like, how has it gone on this long? Who would win Goku or wolverine? Vegeta is a lot smarter then Goku and he can hit harder. Superman One Million can do, like, everything.

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If they went ss4 it's really fair game. Vegeta was probably doing a solo session, but Trunks wanted to train under the same conditions as his father. Dude is stupid powerful. Their first fight ended in a draw.

Considering that Vegeta had to threaten Trunks by cutting his allowance in half to make him fight in the tournament we can assume that he too had become accustomed to living a normal life during the peaceful times. Goten is more of an off-the-wall tactician and that keeps opponents more powerful than himself on their toes.

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He actually did all 3 of these things and that knocked Goten out of bounds! With that being said, we are not given any information in terms of who is stronger post-training, but we do know that they became more powerful than they were before.

For those who think it was 10 years that would make Goten 27 and Trunks Superman has been written to display feats in ways Gokuand Co.

After Gotenks' blasted Buu with a barrage of ki attacks, piccolo states that Buu was mentally weakened because he was fighting someone "at least on par with himself". So there you have it, this covers all of the training that the boys underwent as kids but lack thereof in terms of training when they became older.

In addition Superman's heat vision is off the charts in comparison to stars.