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Wendy Face it, Mabel. Dipper declares that he is going to win everybody free pancakes by beating the manliness tester, but Mabel and Grunkle Stan just laugh at him.

Dipper I have problems, Manotaur.

Gravity Falls (S01E06)

Stan Puts his finger over her mouth Keep it down, will ya?! They both start running around with their shirts off and screaming in delight.

Multi-bear It's for the best. At the diner, Grunkle Stan orders a split plate, with a plate of ketchup for Dipper and a cup of salad dressing for Mabel since he wants to save money.

Gravity Falls (S01E06)

You too, Tesosteraur, Pubertaur, and. Leaderaur You - You wish to be a man? The phone goes to voicemail and says this is message thirty-six. Look, face the music, kid.

Chutzpar Running through the woods with Dipper on his back Ha ha ha ha ha ha! During the credits, Grunkle Stan is sitting in his chair when the phone rings.

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Let's get a credit card. Runs to the door And leave your pants at home! Chutzpar Waves hand Not yet, Destructor.

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Lays on the ground Is it physical, is it mental, what's the secret? But we will get Lazy Susan to like you because nothing is stronger than the power of- Stan Love?

Soon, Dipper finds the Multi-Bear and defeats him.

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Dipper And I kind of flunked this manliness video game thing Climb atop my back hair, child! Tosses it to him and the Minotaur begins eating I can't believe it, part animal, part human. Dipper Seems to me you're too scared to teach me how to be a man.

I seek your head!

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Dipper arrives to Multi-bear's cave. It takes a deer and scratches itself, and throws it away afterward.

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We can put it on a credit card. Cut to Greasy' Diner.

: Gravity Fallsx06 Dipper vs. Manliness

Stan So, Lazy Susan, what do you say? And a plate a delicious pancakes.

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Chutzpar Sits down and pats his leg Dipper Rests head on the Chutzpar's leg Well, my own uncle called me a wimp Jumps on one of multi-bear's head and runs to the top, choking the main head with the spear and making the Multi-bear fall down A real man shows no mercy!

Drinks salad dressing Cuts to Dipper walking down the street. Multi-bear and Dipper Singing: Maybe, you're not man enough to try. Or I'll never be a man?

Gravity Falls

Stan Here we go. Cat Face and tells Stan to call her back. Dipper and Mabel set out to find out who did this crime.