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A post by The Guardian also gave some show highlights: Check out a great review of Volume 1 by Victoria Irwin here: The first was released back in Octobersecond in November of and the third that I pre-ordered and had on my doorstep at the end of March.

They both came out beautifully. Finally, Gromit figurines online dating in the City was announced!

The premise of the film is that Shaun and his fellow farm-dwelling sheep friends want to take a day off from the typical routine.

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Special Features Making the Shaun movie: For the first time outside the UK, 70 Gromit Unleashed sculptures have come together to create a unique exhibition at ELEMENTS mall in Hong Kong, with each Gromit individually designed and decorated by an array of top designers, celebrities and international brands — including four designs from Aardman Animations!

Enjoy little Timmy on the cover of Ant-lamb, the sheep crew as they star in Fantastic Flock or catch death-defying Shaun featured on the poster for Mutton Impossible: I talked about placing my order in a post back in November and was pleased to later receive the order, fully intact here in California a few weeks later.

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Sounds from the animals and people, plenty of the character expressions that Aardman is famous for to make the characters come to life, but aside from the amusing songs throughout the film, there are no speed dating london ont words in the film.

Gromit Unleashed Hits Hong Kong! Wallace and Gromit at The MShed.

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Joseph Comments Off on Products: In more shopping news, I was delighted to learn earlier this year that Wallace and Gromit: But you do get great perspective from the crew if you just want to watch this one on its own, or are looking for a quick behind the scenes refresher.

Gromit Unleashed and Comics May 9th, I plan on writing a more news-based post soon, but right now I wanted to pause to give a quick tour of some of the latest products made available by the Gromit Unleashed folks.

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Also check out a video and some photos of the exhibition over on WallaceAndGromit. In approximately 5 minutes, this segment introduces you to several characters in the film: The book is organized so that there are several pages of comics and then full color spreads of pictures from their various adventures, from movies to shorts, as seen here.

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Wallace Gromit Figure

After a series of calamities, this plan for a day off takes all of them, the Farmer and Bitzer the dog into The Big City where much of the movie takes place. The release in the US of these comics made me particularly happy, because aside from shipping and cost issues that I often run into, as far as I know it was the first time these comics are available in printed form not digital on this side of the ocean.

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First up, exciting news today about the availability of Gromit Unleashed Monopoly. You can likely pre-order it already from your favorite vendor, or hop out on Tuesday to pick it up directly.

Wallace and gromit figures | eBay

The process was straight forward, and by the time the Blu-ray menu popped up, I was on my way to downloading it to my tablet as well. I shall now attempt to do a whirlwind tour of what the lads have been up to.

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The making of takes you through script writing and story, model making, set building, animating, voice recording, music and reviewing the final cut. The box reports an estimated running time of 85 minutes, and astoundingly the film moves along quickly and humorously with no dialogue.

In this little feature, you can page through several parody movie posters based on other blockbusters that were in theaters around the same time as Shaun the Sheep. Join Shaun behind the scenes: The books are wonderfully bound and the comics within are beautifully colored.

Wallace Gromit Figure

In other Gromit Unleashed news, they launched a YouTube channel back in March that continues to host a bunch of goodies: If you saw the earlier Making short, you can likely skip this one, as the commentary from the crew is duplicated here.

The exhibit featured concept sketches, models and actual sets from the films, some great photos from the exhibition were shared in this article from Bristol Culture: In 3 minutes of original content not lifted from earlier Makingyou follow Shaun from how the claymation characters move to a quick explanation of how different models are built, learning how the humans and sheep characters are different.

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This was a making of documentary about the film that lasts about 12 minutes, with comments from various members of the production team and even some words from Shaun and Wallace and Gromit!

A follow-up to the Gromit trail, this time London will be welcoming statues of one of our favorite Wallace and Gromit characters who has gone on to make success in his own series, Shaun the Sheep!

Lack of updates is completely on my end, with work and other responsibilities piling up on my end this year, finding time to update this site with Wallace and Gromit news has slipped through the cracks note: Wallace and Gromit — a sneaky preview of the M Shed exhibition.

The Bristol Post wrote a couple articles about it: I also purchased a copy of Wallace and Gromit Monopoly.