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With the sudden death of Victor, Roberta chair the store, a fact that infuriates Octavius, socio half the shares and hoped to drive madonna dating now brand. Still in the plot, have Nene, brother of Nieta fifties and Roberta, who like her sister, want to grow in life and become a successful personality.

Unlike her sister, is poor and lives in a humble village in the neighborhood of Mooca. Nieta and Dino are the parents of Carolina, a young woman who pretends to be sweet and kind, but in reality is a demon in search of wealth and power, longing to marry a wealthy and successful and for that, she chooses Fabio solving destroy his marriage to Manuela.

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Felipe is still the father of Juliana, a young responsible and determined as the grandmother, full of attitude, but however, keep an extra-marital affair with Fabio, disputed photographer Manuela married to a rich and elegant woman who suffers with his sickly jealous by her husband.

When widow, Roberta Leone falls for Nando, but ends up having conflicts with her son Kiko because this guilt by Nando amorosa.

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Another parallel plot is Roberta Leone. Synopsis[ edit ] The plot revolves around the fierce competition between men and women in the 21st century.

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Felipe also collects ex-wives, of whom is the father of Analu a rebellious and spoiled girl who gets involved with the honest Nando, 5 a man who works as correct chauffeur of Octavian. Over time, the simpleton driver ends up relating to Roberta Leone, which opens the door to a successful modeling career for Nando, that even involved with the entrepreneur, keep thinking in your great love, Juliana.

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To overthrow Roberta, Octavian has the help of Veruska, secretary of Victor, who is willing to pass secret information to him. Nando is the driver of Octavian, is confidant, ally and close friend of the boss.

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The hide is that the two had a passion in youth, and that after a fight, made them enemies of each other. Nieta always charge for marrying the poor Dino, an honest man who works as a shareholder in the shops of Victor.

Elegant, cultured and modern, Roberta becomes millionaire widow of Victor Leone, owner of clothing label Positano, and who is the mother of Kiko, a young and clumsy nerd who suffers a heartbreak with Analu, daughter of Felipe.

Carolina, however, is in love with Zenon, younger brother of Odysseus, who longs to be an MMA fighter.