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This way Taya Abbu returns without taking Rana with him who was supposed to attend Ashar Bhai's wedding.

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Adeel's friend Mona comes to stay with them. Adeel feels guilty but still doesn't quit being the "bad boy". She decides to marry Adeel but vows to get revenge. At first he makes Rana do all his chores. Now Rana is thinking about how the life has brought such a turn in his life.

Rana calls Asher Bhai and says she misses him. Rana goes into the house with Ashar and Adeel is flabbergasted. To him girls are merely a means of passing time and pleasure.

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Rana's mother finds out about their 'supposed love' and is shell-shocked. Plot summary[ edit ] The series is a story of emotions, trust, relations biorytm online dating sympathy.

Adeel knits a sinister plan i. He suddenly asks Rana to stop doing his chores and that he wants to sit and talk with Rana, to which Rana replies she has nothing to talk to and that Adeel's words have only hurt her.

Meanwhile, Zafri, Rana's cousin is interested in her and wants to marry her to ensure that Maria and Adeel can marry without any hurdles.

Now Maria visits Murree with underlying motives. Here in Maria informs her mother that Rana has left and also spreads this news to her cousin and another probable suitor.

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It is shown in the drama that Gul-E-Rana leaves Adeel for some time and becomes an ordinary teacher. She slaps him hard on his face. Synopsis[ edit ] The series revolves around a girl who is struggling for the rights of women after being abused by poor mentality people of the society.

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Eventually Adeel and Rana get married while everybody assumes that they love each other; Adeel and Rana torture each other.

In the end Adeel becomes a humble and kind guy who often sees Gul e Rana in his imaginations and anxiously wait for her to come back. He mocks her and tells her that he will soon get someone else to fill up that empty space.

Rana calls Adeel an animal and Adeel slaps her. Then Adeel brings Rana to Islamabad with him by lying to his father that he wants Rana to take care of him while he is sick. He visits Mari and slaps Adeel after Maria acts as the victim.

Adeel calls Maria and other girls to make Rana jealous. Ashar shows courage and supports Rana. He contemplates his situation and tries to ponder over what he did wrong. Adeel's catches Rana in front of Taya Abu and acts like she is having an affair with someone else. Rana congratulates him on this, but is unhappy and Gul bibi advises her to fight for her right but Gul-e-Rana leaves Murree and goes to Karachi.

On their way back they enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Gul-e-Rana tells Gul Bibi to set up the dinner for her. Unlike Gul-e-Rana, her cousin Adeel is egotistic and narcissistic. Gul-e-Rana leaves adeel for some time and becomes an ordinary teacher.

Rana's both Aunts hate her and warn her that all her uncle's money is for them. Adeel's attitude towards Rana begins to change day by day. Adeel and Rana continue to play Tom and Jerry with each other.

Taya abbu returns, advising Rana to compromise. Gul-e-Rana goes to Murree and takes good care of Adeel. He even says the difference between a wife and a maid is that a maid takes payment.

Taya Abu wants Adeel to marry maria or he says that he would not give Adeel his inheritance. Meanwhile, Maria and Laila, daughters of Gul-e-Rana's aunts, are willing to do anything to marry Adeel who is the only son of Raana's uncle. Now Maria and her mother have conspired to get Adeel married to Maria by falsely alleging him of relations with Maria on the promise that he would marry her.

Adeel visits Ashar's house to take back Rana forcefully. Gul-e-Rana is very different from her cousins, as Rana exhibits the traits of a well-groomed and modest girl. Adeel goes to Islamabad. Mamu comes to know. That afternoon he picks Raana from college and lies that her mother is very ill and is admitted in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ashar's father meets with an accident and dies.

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Adeel comes to know that Gul-e-Rana no more lives in the same room with him. Adeel flees to Murree and Taya Abu doesn't pressurize him to marry maria. In the end, Adeel has an accident and transforms into a good person.

Gul-e-Rana Sajjal Ali tries her best to transform Adeel's mentality about women and faces many problems. He takes Raana to a faraway deserted house, arranges for a Maulvi and his friends help to organize a Nikaah, leaving her with a choice to choose between him and her honour.

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Meanwhile Ashar passes away due to cancer and Gul-e-Rana decides to move to Karachi. She makes sure that Adeel takes all his medicines and eats properly. Adeel tries to rape her but at the same time when Gul-e-Rana opens the door, Adeel runs out of embarrassment.

Rana disobeys and ignores everything Adeel tells her in order to show him where he stands in her life.

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One night, Adeel misbehaves with Rana. Taya Abu gets angry at Rana but she doesn't try to prove her innocence as she believed that Taya Abu will not believe her as his own son is standing against her.

Gul-e-Rana's father dies in a car accident, and consequently her rich uncle, takes Rana, her sister and her mother under his wings. Kamal encourages Gul-e-Rana to go to Murree and take care of Adeel as a wife would do. Adeel goes to pick her up. She says to him that she doesn't feel anything but through her expressions it is clear that she does feel something.

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When they return it's quiet late. Maria and Adeel come.

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Adeel has an accident and is badly injured.