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They like the cars.

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He was popular because he was good at sport and talked a lot about girls he fancied. You like the foods. I like to sing a lot. I think you will like the document we adopted today.

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As one librarian summarized, 'people are not into the stuffed looking, dingy, dust smelling type of libraries anymore Most books for children are selected by looking along the shelf until an attractive cover, familiar author's name or familiar title strikes the reader's fancy. He is a collector who wants to form a collection by making his own paintings of pictures he has taken a fancy to in other people's houses.

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Librarians were most keen on the self-help aspects of community information. El rancho propuesto quiere gustar a todos.

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I have a liking for novels which use techniques for disturbing the usual steady flow of sequential narrative with perhaps a flashback or two.

En realidad, se trata de un informe exhaustivo, lleno de afirmaciones con las que podemos estar de acuerdo, que a veces son simplistas y marcadas por un cierto deseo de gustar. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that there is something in it to please everyone, including members of your group, Mr President.

Creo que les va a gustar el documento que hemos adoptado hoy.

A mí me gusta, ¿a usted?. Tango

By polar contrast the book for the mass culture reader, the 'consumer', simply aims to please. Por lo tanto, este presidente, aunque le pudiera gustar cambiar esto, no lo va a hacer.

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He quickly took a liking to American clothing stores and acquired a taste for fast-food restaurants. This page is powered by the Spanish Sentences Builder Listed below are some of the most common sentences viewed on this site: I like skiing in winter.

We like your mothers.

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Has he in the end become disliked because his statements are sometimes insufficiently federalist? Despite this, I would simply like to confirm something that you will like. All these novels are about young women meeting handsome men, at first disliking them and then discovering that they love them, with the inescapable 'happy ending' which means matrimony in these cases.

The Commission has a duty, before the end of the year, to settle any disputes and to submit a proposal which, I am certain, will not please everybody. Not everyone has to find the results to their liking.

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How anyone can get a buzz from laying into someone is beyond me; it's not nice to see it happen - too many times have I seen people beaten up over nothing. Therefore, this President, although he might like to reverse this decision, is not going to do so.

It is, in reality, an extensive report, full of statements with which we can agree, which are simplistic at times and marked by a certain desire to please. He likes the books. But the incompleteness of information can be turned into an asset by challenging students to specify what additional information they would like and how they would attempt to get it.

The dish proposed tries to please everyone. On no occasion did I wonder whether or not other institutions would be pleased with the way I was defending Parliament; I simply looked on it as my duty.

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Whether we like it or not, any comparison with other systems must in my opinion acknowledge the different starting-points and rules on implementation.

She took a shine to Sheldon, and before he knows what has happened, the misanthropic physicist finds himself with a girlfriend. A ellas les gustan los carros.

Most users would appreciate disciplines placed adjacent to related disciplines.

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A searcher must be adequately familiar with that which he wishes to retrieve. A usted le gustan las comidas. I like the new shoes. Do you want vegetables with it?