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At our company retreat. You should try it out sometime. It is embarrassing, but it is. Like an affectionate doggy? Are you a good drinker? The director told me, that is how to not work too hard. Especially, when people staff members look at me all day and how uncomfortable that is… Wherever I go, all the staff members have to follow me.

When you are in the share house with the other actors, I guess it reminds you of that time. In addition, all five share a house and that house is always noisy. Some idol groups like G. The story is very hectic because each character has a different age, personality, background, and dating style.

Sep 14 You also want to receive compliments for your acting as well, right?

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Do you hear this question a lot? D, Click B, Sechs Kies, who are broken up, are getting back together again. I have more than 10 schedule books, and more journals I have written since I was little.

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I can say I have good patience. In that vein we have started to look up interviews that the Last Minute Romance and Go Back Couple actors have participated in.

Han Seung Yeon

Because you know you have seen something special in her. I hope she will be known internationally and become famous Are people hesitant to approach you? But I am just a sloppy person. Where ever we go, my manager is busy packing all my belongings. I thought that would make my acting perfect.

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Maybe the same this time. Ah, I have a hard time memorizing all the lines because she talks so much laughs. Why did Ye-eun meet a boyfriend like that? But I will try it again. Push and Pull Whenever we start recapping dramas we always try to learn a bit more about the actors in the drama.

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In those days I go home and write in my diary. But it was her time on WGM that shot her fame up into the sky. Sep 22 6: I am trying to cut them at least until filming ends. When I am under the weather or not in a good mood.

Actually, I have songs already made. Sep 07 But previously, I planned all my moves while I memorized the script. Looking forward to 6FD!!!

That is a side of her that makes her more pretty. I am not sure when, but I will sing again. We found this one for Han Seung-yeon which was conducted about a year ago.

Not sure what the future holds for her, but I am sure of one thing I will be watching After work, I would sit around in the living room and sign CDs… I used to do handicrafts. You never know if you will like it.

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What kind of man are you attracted to in real life? Those things are more fun for me. New hobby Taking pictures with my recently bought new mirrorless DSLR To-do right now, eating a lot of flour based foods. If anyone knows of any magazine interviews that any of the other actors have participated in, then send us a line.

I am a timid person. It hurts, but it is true. I also watched Deep rooted tree then I can follow Korea history.

I behave foolishly often. You monitored the result a lot while shooting. This is just starting for her but this kind of woman has the high probability to make it possible.

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You can feel it through the screen that your watching your drawn in right away! She is an honest, hard-working, talented woman of strong character and principles. When I sign as well. I hear that a lot, completely not true.

I feel good when I see the accumulation of the documents. Do you have any desire to sing again? You have a taste for the written word. This especially applies to my character, Jung Ye-eun, who is the most talkative. That is the advantage of working solo. I will just practice my penmanship, drink coffee, and write in my diary.

I want to appear pretty in my drama.

Han Seung Yeon – 그앤 나 Hangul

Even if I work hard, act well, and am well received, often times it is not satisfactory to me. What kind of music do you want to do? I heard you date someone in the drama.