Hani Reveals She Took DRUGS After Her BREAKING Dating Scandal - Koreaboo Hani Reveals She Took DRUGS After Her BREAKING Dating Scandal - Koreaboo

Hani and junsu dating reaction pictures, top stories

I don't mind them dating but in interviews, she said she wasn't dating.

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After "Up and Down," Hani felt inadequate to the task of dealing with many changes in her life; and as someone who has supported her to make right choices and to focus on work, he hani and junsu dating reaction pictures progressed to becoming her significant other in a serious relationship.

And now she has dating news when it's only been a year I really liked Junsu. So far it looks like the public and all their fans are in favor.

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Junsu's manager picked up Hani to drop her off somewhere else for the two to meet. I'm busy taking care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of someone else? Honestly, it'd good for Hani to not date because she just got popular and something flirty to say in a group but who can reject Junsu though?

Yedang's Statement As reported and confirmed with the artist herself, Hani and Junsu have recently developed from colleagues to a couple.

JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani confirm they are dating

How is she gonna clean the mess when she already said these things in an official interview? Thanks to the person, she gained fame, money, and a boyfriend whom she was a fan of But they seem to be right. I just thought he'd date a non-celebrity.

We thank you sincerely for the exceedingly amount of love you have given us and will meet the fans' expectations with hard work.

Hani Reveals She Took DRUGS After Her BREAKING Dating Scandal

According to their mutual acquaitances, it seems that Junsu has shown interest first. Dispatch translated by OP Junsu's agency, C-Jes Entertainment has admitted that they started their relationship recently and also reminded that it's his personal life so they're not revealing anymore.

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Girls know about girls. Dispatch reports that the two usually worked around Hani's schedule; Junsu picked her up for their date and drove her home as well. In the past she fell for his voice, now for his personality.

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When her group just got popular, she said on broadcast that she was gonna quit her group activities in 5 years and made other members flustered. I live like this everyday so I never feel lonely.

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It looks like he has visibly expressed his feelings. Does she think her individual popularity is everything? It's unexpected and shocking to see him dating a girl group member And when I'm with my members, I feel like I'm at a school camp. It's good that they're dating but she shouldn't be saying these things.

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Sometimes their manager tagged along to distract others. We hope that you look at them with warm eyes as they work hard in their position, and request to respect their privacy.

JYJ's Junsu & EXID's Hani Confirmed to be Dating | Teenage Magazine

Pictures below show her entering the car with a giant Christmas gift for Junsu. To Hani, Junsu was "the idol itself. They also spend the Christmas Eve together. This interview was on August 30 and they were already dating.

But after EXID's comeback ended up the 17th, they continued their dates freely. I'm sure she also said it's not the time to be dating.

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Hani and Xia Junsu are dating 1. He supposedly fell for her beauty, inside and outside. A picture of their date on December 1, at Han River were revealed.

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Dispatch must have a lot of dating news of celebrities. I'm surprised sasaengs didn't reveal anything sooner? But I think it'll be a burden to the person.