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Alex apologizes to Penny and talks to Dave, who explains that he told Alex that his movers were going to be late, but Alex didn't hear velour tracksuits online dating because she was actually napping with her eyes open when he told her.

She was also a childhood bully, having reached a growth spurt before the other kids. Jane makes plans for the four of them to eventually move to the suburbs and live side by side.

Recognizing that their fighting is tearing their friends apart, she and Dave decide to put their differences aside, Dave admitting that he had taken their relationship for granted and Alex admitting that running out on the wedding was a crappy thing to do. However, Jane realizes that she would rather use her skills with her friends than against them and has Kaz's Autobody disqualified by revealing that the team cheated using steel-toed sneakers.

During the summer, Alex enrolls all her friends in an intramural kickball tournament, representing her store, Xela, in a bid to promote her business and give her friends something fun to do together.

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Despite being generally liked by everyone who encountered her, Alex earned the dislike of Dave's father, Dave "Big Dave" Rosefor allegedly spilling her Yoohoo! After being encouraged by Dave, she salvages her night by participating in the drag competition, but loses to Max.

She reveals to him that she's fine with Molly because she knows Dave isn't serious about her, but that she will likely become upset once he starts a serious relationship with someone. When Dave confronts her about her habit of giving away "useless" homemade coupons as Christmas gifts because she knows no one will use them, she sets out to fill each one she ever gave, ultimately throwing their friends an indoor beach party.

Raised to be proud of their Serbian heritage, she and her sisters speak fluent Serbian and have great respect for their Serbian traditions. She also decides to open her store on Sundays to an English as a Second Language class for Chinese immigrants after embarrassingly mistaking the class meet ups for an illegal sex ring at the Chinese restaurant next door.

She also finds herself bonding with Brad as her brother-in-law when they both discover their passion for romantic comedies.

I contacted her to stop but she denied and she said she is a wife and mother.

Team Xela still loses in the final match against Ivanov Nail Salon, but the group celebrates together. He promises to that if they ever end up planning a wedding again that it will be an equal decision making process. We used to go to massage together and couple room.

Alex likely gained her voracious appetite from her mother, who taught her how to use her wiles to procure the best food from meat carvers and taught her "buffet strategy". Apologizing to Dave, Alex runs away with him, leaving Dave devastated, and their friends shocked.

Jane plants false evidence that "proves" that Alex couldn't have spent the night with Dave, because she, Brad, and Akex had a night in eating takeout Thai food and a renting Mamma Mia!.

Best Of #: ‘Happy Endings’ Brad And Jane

She tries to get Dave to sit on a spring-loaded couch cushion, but Dave sees through her ploy and Alex triggers the trap instead, injuring her leg. He was seven years younger than her and had two masters and made good money. Penny tries setting her up with some dates, but she finds herself ultimately uninterested, preferring her singledom.

However, her stagnating relationship with Dave lead her to have second thoughts about their marriage plans.

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While they are detained by airport security, she and Dave realize that they are more thoughtful now than they were back then, even if they aren't extremely spontaneous and passionate. Season 1 Edit At the beginning of the series, Alex is at the altar, as Dave says his wedding vows to her.

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Dave decides to move out of their apartment and into Max's. Likewise, when Penny stages an elaborate ruse to get out of hanging out with an acquaintance, she agrees to go along with it, first pretending to be a lesbian and then later pretending to be attracted to Max and Dave's landlord to prevent them from getting evicted.

She later gets over it after being forced by Penny and Max to witness how slovenly and disgusting Max truly is in his daily life. It pays off when Winnie unexpectedly goes on a rampage after the paparazzi ruin her date with her boyfriend Kyle and screams that she got her dress from Xela.

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During Penny's birthday dinner, the group is horrified to learn that their waitress is Jackie, Dave's barely legal ex-girlfriend.

However, after Max uses his incredible kissing skills on her in an attempt to make Dave jealous, she finds herself infatuated with him. Eventually, she and Dave begin going out, and Dave, being poor and just out of college, gives her a snow globe of Paris, a place she had always wanted to visit, with his apartment key taped to it and asks her to move in with him.

She decides to host a salon gathering at her store with other intellectuals, but finds herself outpaced by them. After a night of helping Dave clean up his food truck, she and Dave make out and wind up having sex.

Season 2 Edit On the anniversary of Alex leaving Dave at the altar, they and their friends decide to use the honeymoon suite they originally reserved. If sex work were legalized maybe it could be better regulated, which could cut down on human trafficking?

Best Of #: ‘Happy Endings’ Brad And Jane

She and Dave learn that during their relationship, they both lied to one another about things that bothered them, such as Dave being allergic to shellfish because he actually hated Alex's jambalaya and saying he was allergic to dogs because he believed Alex to be too irresponsible to own one.

Being newly single is a difficult adjustment for Alex, and she tries to preoccupy herself with disastrous "Girls Night" activities with Penny and bad casual dates.

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Their feelings come to a head when they attend a friend Jason Shershow 's wedding. Jackie explains that she didn't do anything to their food, but did slash the tires to what she thought was Dave's car but was actually Penny's.

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However, when they host a Thanksgiving at their new apartment, she reveals that Dave has yet to move his belongings into their new apartment, which Penny causally questions. She explains that Bo was just a coworker and that she didn't love him, but took his interruption as an opportunity to flee.

She experiences a short boom in her store's popularity when she begins selling baby onesies and they become a hit as micro t-shirts among high school girls.