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Specifically explain how each disturbance affects the population. However, rapid vegetation recovery after the cyclic peak have been observed in all studies 56 — Lower-tech alternatives The Predator-Prey Simulation available from http: If we are to study the dynamics of the snowshoe hare, we need to focus on the guild of predators as a unit and the vegetation as a unit—in addition to the hare.

If no lynx survived the previous generation another moves into the area. Note that the lynx population green peaks slightly 1. Elton found that both hare and lynx populations The analyses have further documented detailed patterns of statistical density-dependence Figs.

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Lynx may themselves be eaten by several top predators Fig. Toss the newly recruited lynx - repeating step 2. Your teacher may have already made a set for your group to use from previous years. Download powerpoint Figure 3 The fi functions as given by Eq.

Hare-Lynx Populations Regularly periodic, almost a perfect 10 year cycle. The Canadian lynx eats the snowshoe hare. If successful, the lynx survives until the next generation and also produces offspring - one per each three hares captured.

Population Biology Name Date Class Yet another Introduction to the Predator Prey Problem attempts to predict the relationship in populations between a population of foxes and rabbits isolated on an island.

Studies in North America suggest, however, the hare to be the one major factor influencing the population dynamics of the lynx 606367 — Approximating speed dating bristol professionals favorite F functions in Eq.

If a lynx captures seven hares, three lynx enter the next generation - the original lynx and two offspring.

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Environment and Natural Resources. At Kluane essentially no effect on the herbaceous vegetation of excluding hares from a 4-ha plot for 8 years has been found R.

Propose an explanation for the apparent cause and effect relationship between the populations of lynx You can follow these links for basic background information from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador on the lives of the snowshoe hare and lynx.

Other models involving spatial structure or age—structure are also possible. Enter the terms you wish to search for. The classic example is the snowshoe hare and lynx populations.

We are nevertheless convinced by the convergence on dimension two when all lynx series are seen together Table 1. Hare and Lynx Populations Populations are always changing. This activity is generally considered non-hazardous. We investigate which constraints are required on the ecological interactions to generate the observed patterns of statistical density dependence.

When prey are scarce some predators may act as top predators on the lynx Environment and Natural Resources. Despite significant nonlinearities, the monotoniety of the fi functions justifies the linear autoregressive model Eq.

Begin the simulation by populating the habitat with three hares - spatially dispersed spread out within the square. Answer thejollawing questions on Q separate sheet ofpaper: The classic example is the snowshoe hare and lynx populations.

Limiting Factors Graphing Activity Key There is no general agreement about the impact of hares on edible vegetation see also above: During this same period, northern goshawk numbers at Kluane were below normal Menu Home Sometimes changes are the result of humans interfering with food webs or habitats.

Chapter 4 Population Biology. Place the required number of hares in the square. The square represents the area inhabited by a population of snowshoe hares. Hare, Lynx Worksheet Biome poster and study guide The lynx preys on the hare.

The lynx is a specialist on hares but may utilize other prey species Fig.

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We have furthermore found an asymmetry in the way the lynx and the hare are positioned within the ecosystem: How do you think an increase in the lynx population affected the hare Population Biology Name Date Class By plotting the hare population and the lynx population side by side on the same graph, the relationship between the two becomes abundantly clear.

Use tape to mark off a square, two feet by two feet, on your lab bench. Humans and the Environment Lesson Worksheet What's in the bag? Because several food species are eaten by the hare and the hare itself is eaten by many predators Fig.

Thus, the classic view of the lynx—hare cycle as a simple and symmetric predator—prey interaction seems to be an oversimplification refs. Elton found that both hare and lynx populations The lynx preys on the hare.

Follow all normal laboratory guidelines.

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The snowshoe hare certainly plays an interesting role in the ecological theatre of the Canadian boreal forest ecosystem. Additional circumstantial evidence for this hypothesized compensation exists: The lynx preys on the hare. The present statistical results are consistent with the three-level trophic model for the hare 456 Exceeding carrying capacity reduces populations.

Lawrence River, there are no lynx present, yet the hare cycle persists 3.

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The difference between limit cycles and weakly dampened cycles are, therefore, not so conspicuous in stochastic systems see, e.

How do you think an increase n the lynx population affected the hare population? The impact of hares on their food plants is transient 58 and the recovery of the preferred food plants is substantial even before the decline is complete.