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I just got it back and the action on mine is still high, too.

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I just took it out 2 yrs ago to pick and sing for the Lord, strung it with D' A's, and it sounds like a million dollars. It was a wreck!

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The truss rod broke after a couple of years so I prised the neck off, had it welded and put it back. Mine had to have had a neck reset at some point - it's perfect, action and intonation are spot on.

It is absolutly incredible! Put a piece of dowel in the neck hole of the right length before putting in the truss rod so the nut ends up at just the right place for tightening Had it done and it came out well, action is back where it should be.

I prefer the "ball" because of the pins that raise up sandwichandcereal newgrounds dating palm when holding the set in fingering. Later, I added a DeArmond-type pickup.

The Sovereign series also included a dreadnought and orchestra-sized guitar.

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I am now removing 42 years of Tobacco crud. But please understand that we all read about how someone changed this flat top. Not only does the wood sing the resonance is so strong it seem to evoke a response in all the wood in the room.

I'm shopping "Craig's List" and a new listing pops up for an Applause acoustic bass a few blocks from my home langweerder 700 tinder dating site Austin, Tx.

She felt badly so she replaced it with a Sigma Martin, but I still harmony sovereign h1260 dating sim my first guitar.


Cases are a tough find for the H I won't part with any of them. Thanks for hanging out here. When I was in college many years ago I took it to a drill press and milled down the bride and drilled six pin holes,lowered the bridge down to next to nothing super low action, no string rattle.

I had a Sovereign H string which had "Fender" written on the headstock, and a Fender-style floating bridge, obviously a Harmony product. One chord was enough to quicken my heartbeat, and I was not leaving the shop without it! I still play it, although I had to get a Seagull for amplified playing.

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There's just no comparison! The neck is is straight, the body is in great condition, all original as far as I can tell. It's a real joy switching back and forth, playing both every day - what a stable!

Ted Hagen from Edmore mich. This young lady always "stole" my Sovereign when the club met and performed, so now she has one she doesn't have to give back to me. Pine - In anda number of Harmony guitars were marketed by Fender, using both the Regal name as well as Fender's name.

It always sounded best with Epiphone heavy strings. My sovereign is all black This guitar now probably looks, plays and sounds better than it did the day it left the Harmony factory in the mids. The body was in great shape - but it had neck and bridge issues.

I actually found one in a trash pile at the curb in northern lower Michigan in the 90's, without a nut.

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I purchased a new Breedlove and kept the harmony in a case under the bed. Anybody know a little history on this? Finger picking is blissful, just sit back in your favorite rocking chair and play yourself to sleep.

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I started with an H in Fast forward to 5 years ago, and many Gibsons and one Martin later, and there is this from laying on the floor of a basement of this woman who works with my wife.

Lost one critical screw from tuners so got modern tuners which are smoother. I am now 61 and my adult childlren all guitar players just have to sit down and play it for hours when visiting.

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Paul Nelson - I have owned a H since when I bought it from a friend who says his parents purchased it for him in The Harmony looks rough. Most of the time I didn't even have a case or even a bag most of the time. Larry Heagle - My first really good guitar was a that I owned in the early 's.

Go, Soverign, long may you run! It was well worth it considering the materials are better than my 2k Martin. At least on my H and the 2 rods sometimes brakes apart at the weld on the end oposite the nut Once I got used to this guitar not projecting like a Martin Cannon I really began to love it's warm, mellow evenness and a tone that I can only describe as nuanced.

Harmony Sovereign H1260 Guitar '58-'71

This guitar has not been played for over 20 years. I guessed the heel screw was a novice attempt to improve the action.

Call it a Baritone maybe but I totally agree. When it arrived it was unplayable due to excessive swelling of the belly, a very badly worn fretboard, and various cracks in the sides.

Now it sounds better than it ever did and the action is unbelieveable. Traded it in on a Taylor eventually.

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After I moved to San Francisco in '65, its neck was run over by a car after letting me off after a gig and the peg head broke off. Someone mentioned the date-stamp bearing the "country of origin" as being illegible on a Sovereign; Sovereigns and all other "real" Harmony's were built only in Chicago So much so, that I'm now selling my much more expensive and tonally inferior Martin D If you find one of these guitars buy it.

With that curving, the fretboard side binding apparently broke off, from the 14th fret to the sound hole. Lately, even though I have two really nice Martins, I have the urge to find another one!

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Where there are one off instruments for the most part the major name brands are considerably sweeter and produce harmonics and volume that's hard to find on a budget instrument.