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The neck seemed straight, The original frets are not grooved and I thought if I could make it playable it would be good for a porch guitar.

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As you can check on this page, some H were branded and sold by Fender many H are disguised with Regal, Silvertone, Holiday, Airline brands. It's really hard to see the numbers inside, but from online dating fast facts about the sun the little bit I've researched this is it.

Fast forward to 5 years ago, and many Gibsons and one Martin later, and there is this from laying on the floor of a basement of this woman who works with my wife.

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Fixed the cracks, sanded the checks out of the body and re-finished the guitar with Tru-oil, reset the neck installed a threaded insert in the bottom of the heel and added a 6mm screw from the inside of the guitar to reinforce the necknew saddle.

Many people compare their guitars to Martins, Gibson's, Taylors, Collings etc. I have a mint condition H that my husband purchased in or I taught myself how to play gutiar with it!

It will sound even fuller and richer. The bridge has stayed put but the pickguard is trying to escape and the finish has checked pretty much all over, though it isn't telegraphing any actual wood damage.

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Harmony Sovereign H Dating. Now that it was clean, it didn't appear the neck joint had any issue. Just 'cause your a star doesn't mean the neck end has to say Gibson I also have a couple of older Martins, and while I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'd swap the Harmonys for the Martins, the Harmonys have a different voice and power that the Martins lack.

Wish I still had the Epiphone! The action is great, the tone out of this world. It's been a ripper! The pickguard was lifted badly so I peeled it off - it's cleaned up now and I'm going to flatten and reglue it tomorrow.

And the width of the neck is perfect for me! When I was in college many years ago I took it to a drill press and milled down the bride and drilled six pin holes,lowered the bridge down to next to nothing super low action, no string rattle. They were in very short supply then and I think only Gibson and Epiphone then really Kalamazoo Gibsons were making them.

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I only picked up the Harmony because none of the other guitars did it for me. Everytime I hold it, I think about my Grandma and all the years she played it and I still feel connected to her The elderly, original owner played the hell out of this thing he said he played it nearly every day for 40 yearsand after listening to it, you can see why.

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I swear I could hear it inhale it's first breath in years. Gentle Giant - I stumbled across my in a second hand music shop in Birmingham UK in It seems to have the boomiest bass of any Harmony. After visiting this site I decided to have a pro do the job right,it is now the flagship of my collection!

To get good mid-tones, even, I had to fret up the bottom strings.

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I busted it in the late seventies and have not played much since. Vintage looking wood, great sound, tons of sustain, arrow straight neck with low string action, and the pickup sounds amazing.

The other feature is the old-growth sitka spruce they used in the soundboards. I used my wifes good iron to loosen the hide glue bonding the fet board to the neck and removed the old truss rod.

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It's in beautiful condition and is one of my favorites of my collection. I of course was surprised and told him no, but I knew I had to be something special about it.

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I've owned it ever since, although, I'm ashamed to admit, that I never took very good care of it. The neck is perfect; I put in an ivory saddle which seemed to brighten it up a bit.

I'm into the acoustic blues traditions, and this guitar is a blues Monster.

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It had a lot of gyproc plaster in it like it was in a room where a roof or something was getting torn down!

It is so punchy and loud. After careful steam treatment to flatten the soundboard, I added a NOS Harmony fretboard obtained from an enthusiast in Chicago, and re-glued the bridge in place. This guitar was a popular acoustic built by Harmony during the company's peak in the '60s. Don is a big believer in pin bridges, so he replaced the original bridge with one he carved as only he can do.

I have an H and a Silvertone version identical, but with a very pretty "iced tea" sunburstand they're both wonderful instruments. Kurt - I have a that has no serial number or headstock logo but has the rectangular bridge of the Airline I have literally convinced myself that this guitar will suffice as a Bass in my Acoutical recordings.

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Vance Lithgow - I would just like to echo all the above positive comments and statements made, they're all right! It's a real joy switching back and forth, playing both every day - what a stable!

It has never needed a neck re-set because it was stored without strings. It was then I found the serial on both guitars an they were both H's. I reset the neck, dressed the frets, put on a set of Martin lights and WOW!

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It sounds best with Ernie Ball Earthwood Extra Lights, and my heart still beats faster every time I put new strings on the ol' girl. Letter "S" handwritten directly through sound hole. I was lucky enough to pick up a near-new Epiphone Bard which served me well for many years.

Get one if you can - but I'm keeping this one! This guitar has all the character of a fine solid wood vintage steelstring. I Loved the Harmony and many people have played it though it,s life! How did it sound, well I just sold my Martin om