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Ron and Hermione suspect foul play from Snape, whom they saw behaving oddly. Draco is sorted into Slytherin, like his whole family before him.

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For Christmas, Harry receives an invisibility cloak from an anonymous source and begins exploring the school at night and investigating the hidden object further. In the final room, Harry, now alone, finds Quirrell, who admits that he had tried to kill Harry at his Quidditch match against Slytherin.

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The school year ends at the final feast, during which Gryffindor wins the House Cup. Voldemort left Quirrell to die and is likely to return by some other means.

The Stone has now been destroyed.

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Harry, Ron, and Hermione become far more interested by extracurricular matters within and outside of the school, particularly after they discover that a huge three-headed dog is standing guard over a trapdoor in a condemned corridor.

He also admits that he let the troll into Hogwarts. When Dumbledore is lured from Hogwarts under false pretences, Harry and his friends fear that the theft is imminent and descend through the trapdoor themselves.

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Ten years later while living at number Four Privet Drive, Harry is tormented by the Dursleys, treated more like a servant than a member of the family and forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs.

To evade the pursuit of the letters, Vernon first takes the family to a hotel, and, when the letters arrive there too, he hires a boat out to a small island.

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Snape had been trying to protect Harry all along rather than to kill him, and his suspicious behaviour came from his own suspicions about Quirrell. Ron and Hermione are also sorted into Gryffindor. Guided by Hagrid, he buys the equipment he will need for his first year at Hogwarts and receives a pet owl.

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His first game goes well until his broomstick wobbles in mid-air and almost throws him off. Harry passes out and awakes in the school hospital, where Dumbledore explains to him that he survived because his mother sacrificed her life to protect him, and this left a powerful protective charm on him.

Shortly before his eleventh birthday, a series of letters addressed to Harry arrive, but Vernon destroys them before Harry can read them, leading only to an influx of more letters.