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Put a spooky spin on an everyday meal. These snacks can provide pint-sized ghosts and goblins with a variety of nutrients, including fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin C.

Pick from play date-sized bags or single-serving 1 oz packs ready for on-the-go munching and crunching.

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Instead, substitute sliced fruit, low-fat cheese, lean lunchmeats, or fat-free yogurt--protein-rich snacks that will provide them with sustenance throughout the night. Break out your fave milk and pour it over Made Good's low-in-sugar granola for an after-school snack. Kids will get a kick out of these squishy morsels Whole-grain spaghetti intestines: Look for the flavors with fewer added sugars, like Nut Delight.

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Individually wrapped packages of dried fruit, pretzels, sugar-free gum, cheese sticks, juice boxes, or snack crackers are low-fat, low-calorie, and lower-sugar alternatives to the typical treats your child hauls home by the bucket load each October. Wrap turkey hot dogs tajemnica westerplatte film polski online dating canned bread dough and bake until golden brown.

Bubba's Fine Foods makes snacks that check all the boxes.

Healthy Store-Bought Snacks

On-the-go cheese and crackers These go into the semi-healthy category as the crackers are typically highly processed and made from refined flour. Shop them all at kindsnacks.

Boosting the nutritional content of Halloween treats can still make the occasion fun without the risk of cavities, obesity, and chronic conditions like diabetes.

Extraordinarily high in protein and fiber, these are one of the most filling store bought snacks you will find. Younger children may require assistance with sharp knives. KIND Kids just hit the shelves in three flavors: Luckily, there are plenty of healthy snacks for kids you can snag right at the grocery story.

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They are still delicious and will keep us full for longer and consequently, help to maintain a healthy weight. Get advice on tracking your cycle, boosting your fertility and getting ready for life with a baby, plus get brand promotions.

These better-for-you crunchy, cheesy snacks replace those other chips made with unrecognizable mystery ingredients.

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Sugar -- less than 10 grams per grams for a product without fruit or 20 grams per grams for a product with fruit Sodium -- less than mg per grams a low sodium product is considered less than mg per grams Fibre -- at least four grams of fibre per serve food with at least seven grams of fibre per serve is considered an excellent source One great tip to follow when shopping for healthy store-bought snacks: Available in stores and online at bnutty.

Three new flavors of the vegan bars, each with 10 grams of plant-based protein, are ready to feed hungry hordes. These hand-baked healthy snacks are made with whole-grain rolled oats and are perfectly portioned for kid-sized appetites. If you can't resist, instead of choosing salty chips and chocolate, opt to buy these snacks at the supermarket.

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Even Neil Patrick Harris agrees. These vegan snacks are made with almond milk, fruit and live active cultures. Children who are excited about the holiday may not have the patience to sit down for a full meal.

Healthy Halloween Treats

That's not to say you can't offer up a bowl of candy or frost some cupcakes. In the days after Halloween, set limits for your children regarding the amount of candy they can consume every day.

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Many healthy snacks, the same treats you might tuck into your child's lunchbox, can do double duty on this special night. Pop them in the fridge or freezer for a smooth, creamy treat. I have eaten and read the nutrition labels on just about every granola bar in the grocery aisle, and of the most commonly available brands, Kashi is by far my favorite.

These baked carrot chips have no extra sugar and a light coating of ranch flavoring.

Snacks: 10 healthy store-bought options

Keep an eye out for their soon-to-launch flavor Unicorn Poop! With 6 grams of protein per serving and no palm oil, tree nuts or peanuts, they're a good-for-you and allergy-friendly snack. Scroll down to see them all. Please confirm the information below before signing up.

Getting into the habit of checking food labels is key to making healthy food choices. They are tasty, reasonably priced, and quite healthy too.

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Although not as filling as some of the other on the go snacks on this list, air-popped popcorn i. Not all flavors are created equal.

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Your existing password has not been changed. Hummus with crackers or veggie sticks Hummus is a healthy snack that helps keep you full due to its high protein and fibre content.

They last for about two months in the fridge so you can have a juice-like option anytime. Have your guests make their own with English muffins or whole wheat tortillas, tomato sauce, low-fat cheese and strips of red or green pepper.

Check out Kite Hill's dairy-free yogurt tubes. Apple jack o' lanterns: These are for serious health nuts and kiddos with adventurous taste buds, with organic ingredients like pineapple, turmeric, ginger, chia, coconut, and probiotics—and that's just in the bright orange Carrot bar.