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Locked inside a classroom and nowhere to escape, a television monitor broadcasts a terrified Hae-yeong, the top student at the high school, tied up and seated on a chair inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water.

The horror seems wasted when suddenly juxtaposed with some colourful and magical fuckery. When he awakes from his vehicular enforced slumber it is dark.

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It seems like too much has been included and maybe a subtler, more succinct story would have benefitted the overall experience maybe something a bit like Joe Dante's contribution to the Twilight Zone movie Eun-soo introduces the front of his car to either side of a tree on a lonely road somewhere near the centre of nowhere, he gets lost in the forest and collapses.

Death Bell On the eve of socially awkward dating sites dreaded university entrance examinations, the lives of 24 of the smartest and brightest students at one high school, are on the line.

Eun-soo is greeted by the perfect happy family, a house full of toys and a plate loaded with cake and candy for nourishment. Don't Click A horror movie about the mysterious happenings that happen to a pair of sisters after watching an unidentified video.

Possibly the professional execution of the two alternate genres is the movie's downfall.

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The combination of these fairly drastic peaks and troughs means that the viewer is in for a taste of bi-polar life or, if already inflicted then it is recommended that all sharp implements be removed from the vicinity before hitting play.

There is also a distinct Christmas feeling to the movie, another plot device that seems to be crammed in amongst the rest of the multitude of influences. The movie is quite long almost 2 hours but the inability to maintain any suspense makes it seem a lot longer.

There are a number of references back to the original but don't expect cannibal witches or edible houses It becomes apparent that for Eun-soo to escape from paradise he must discover the children's secrets and hope that no evil potential parent-replacement figures turn up to try and foil his plans. "Henjel gwa Geuretel, ": cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles

It seemed like what every child would wish for. His misfortune is soon cancelled out by a stroke of good-seeming luck as a little girl in a red hood, by the name of Young Hee, stumbles upon his battered self and offers him some home-hospitality with her parents until he can get back on the road.

The movie just doesn't seem to gel. Then a struck of luck, if you could call it that, hits Ku Dong, a crime syndicate kidnaps him in order to train him to pass the police admission ex Posted on by Pazuzu Iscariot Korean director Pil-Sung Yim's Hansel and Gretel Henjel gwa Geuretel is an incongruent mixture of horror and fantasy with dramatic fluctuations between the two genres.

The fantastical scenes are very well crafted and conjure up a real sense of the days when LSD was more widely available.

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Yoga Once taken her job because of her appearance, a confident and enthusiastic woman, Hyo-jung visits a mysterious yoga institute run by an ex-actress where her radically changed friend told her to go. A voice from the mon Hansel and Gretel Henjel gwa Geuretel Don't go, we'll be good.

There is even an appearance from Mr. At the intensive training course, a young yoga master, nani explains to Hyo-jung and four other girls that only one person who masters the course most successfully can get the secret of ultimate and imm The more popular the members become, however, the more they become torn by jealousy and rivalries.

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Under the guidance of the God Odin, she travels the world gaining wisdom and building the army she needs to win back her throne. The right elements are there, the intricacies of the multifaceted story are revealed in a manner that the writer should be proud of, the characters are well developed and, viewed in segregation, the two intertwined stories would emote expertly.

The movie is visually stunning with enough vibrant colours in the fantasy portions of the film to make Bing Crosby feel compelled to go shopping for a sweater and an overbearing morbidness during the dark parts instantly slipping the viewer into the arena of more traditional disturbing Korean horror.

To supplement the fairytale feel of the movie there are references to other fantasy stories with phrases like "there must be a pumpkin wagon and red shoes somewhere" thrown into the dialogue and numerous visuals reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.


The mystery of who killed the woman on the elevator is unknown, and the cat is the only witness. This review was posted on 27 December One minute you are in Never Ending Story clinging to the scruff of Falcor and the next you are in Carved wishing you had hidden the scissors.

But as the girls each take turns to become the lead vocalist, mysterious incidents occur. The more sinister sections feel very morose and conjure up some dark images of child abuse, hopelessness and despair filled situations.

This is a shame as numerous scenes have so much potential.

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As the police begin their investigation, they ask So-ye The original Hansel and Gretel was indeed a dark and despair filled tale which switched to the exuberance or a childhood fantasy with a cacophony of colourful edibles but, whereas the original tale progresses through these scenarios with aplomb, this Korean tale seems to jump around too much.

Mum and Dad run for the hills and leave Eun-soo with the children who are beginning to exhibit a much more sinister demeanour. Soon he begins to feel trapped despite not understanding how this could be happening. No Mercy Forensic pathologist Kang Seol Kyeong-gu is assigned to examine the dismembered corpse of a female murder victim.

While some movies manage to use this genre-switching to their advantage Hansel and Gretel misses a trick and evens out somewhere in the middle achieving neither. The relationship between this story and the Grimm story of the same name is very loose and it is more appropriate to say that the fairy tale motivated and inspired the characters in this Korean tale rather than that it is a remake of the book.

The fantasy is so beautiful that the horror seems misplaced.

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Socrates Ku Dong's life is going nowhere, spending his days beating people in the streets, he seems to be confined to repeat the same mistakes of his father, who happens to be already in jail. Maybe entering into the viewing experience without any expectations of a horror film may be an advantage to the enjoyment factor as the horror seems to be bubbling underneath.

Claus himself who unwittingly sets the evil in motion from deep within his benevolent Korean eyes. Even his younger brother is not far from going into the same tracks.