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Placed little higher in price segment. The harsh enzymes, soda and bleach result in shredding of fibres during the wash these broken fibres are called Henko matic online dating. Investor Centre Introducing Henko LINTelligent For years the detergent category only recognized stains and blotches as the main threat to clothes, while repeatedly ignoring the safety, shine and life of the clothes.

Laundry Facts Did you know? It will also fade some colours Don't wash slightly soiled garments with grimy ones. As a result ordinary detergents could not keep up with the changing trends and dynamics in the fashion, apparel and lifestyle category.

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While ironing or pressing clothes, use the proper heat setting for the type of fabric. LINT on your clothes traps dirt and stains leaving them dull, rough and faded. Flimsy wire hangers allow clothes to sag out of shape. Don't crowd clothes in your closet, as crowding causes wrinkles.

Some garments can be worn more than once before washing.


LINT on your clothes traps dirt and stains leaving them dull, rough and faded. Wool garments should be clean when stored to deter insects that may smell a banquet on the sleeve of your sweater. Use good quality hangers that support your clothes. Tips for younger clothes Pre wash: Also provided henko matic online dating a heart shape spoon to scoop out the right quantity as per the mentioned dosage on carton.

Toilet paper taglines for dating cleaning of clothing wears it out sooner.

I even found that my whites are whites but not yellows after washing from the detergent. Obviously not recommended for soft fabrics like wool. Wash bulky items like bed linens in one load and small items like socks or underwear in another Separate items that produce lint like towels from those that pick it up like synthetics or knits.

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Hot water will shrink rayon, wool, silk, and other fabrics. But for stains one should prefer a stain remover or detergent targeted for the stains like Vanish.

Treat spots and stains as soon as possible with a spot remover that is appropriate for the type of stain and the type of fabric.

After a long gap, i will be doing a 'Ghar Sansar' post with a review of a Detergent powder. Use an adequate amount of detergent when you wash clothes, but avoid using too much. You Might Also Like: A new washing experience: Wash fabrics according to light or dark colors.

Follow the cleaning instructions on the garment label, this could save your clothes from damage. Turn clothing items inside out to prevent fading and reduce pilling.


The powder is pink in colour, while the texture is soft and smooth with a fine perfume scent that gives you a whole new washing experience while giving your shirt a new look and protecting it from ageing. You can easily rely on it for washing fabrics from cotton, polyester, rayons to silks even.

Ordinary detergent's stain removal enzymes and bleaches not only remove stains while washing your clothes, they also break fibres from your clothes that are not visible with our naked eye. Henko is available in a Matic variant for Top Load and Front Load washing machines as well as a bucket wash variant called Wonder Wash.

When Lint settles on the clothes, it results in loss of colour and makes your clothes look dull and faded. To protect your favourite clothes that plays an integral part in shaping your personality, you need a detergent that not only cleans and removes stains from your clothes, but also prevents lint from damaging your clothes.

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You don't want dark colors to bleed color onto your light colored clothes. Fine perfumery smell is something which i like as it lingers around for long post wash too. Have you ever wondered how your clothes get dull and begin to fade after just a couple of washes?

These broken fibres are called Lint, break from your clothes and get entangled with each other trapping dirt and stains.

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I have top Load Washing Machine so got the one prescribed for it. The harsh enzymes, soda and bleach result in shredding of fibres during the wash these broken fibres are called LINT.

One thing which i noticed that it not only cleans well but surely retains the color and softness of the fabric. Henko discovered a revolutionary solution to all your clothes problems, including, colour loss, fading and stain removal. Comes in bright metallic blue carton with an inner poly pack.

A new washing experience: How Henko introduced a revolutionary product: The powder is pink in color with soft white needle granules and a nice floral fragrance. An iron that is too hot can ruin fabrics in an instant.

You need a LINtelligent wash for your favourite clothes.