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And the little boy has grown into a young man. He along with two other original members, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt will be retiring from the band after over 20 years. He abandoned us all when I was a toddler and passed away in the s.

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Anyway, it was tough seeing him enjoying life with his second wife … Bootie Call April 13, My first reaction was denial. When you have kids, something happens. I still enjoy watching their holidays specials every year with my kids because of the nostalgia factor so I am sure that I will always love them.

Well, maybe not every time, but sometimes it certainly can be. I have never been a basketball fan. You start to think differently about things. It made me think of the advice my wife and I … Share The Load February 28, Every once in awhile a special commercial or ad campaign appears that blows me away like hero o matic online dating one from ARIEL, a laundry company from India.

We anticipated something like the beach, or Mexico, or maybe a theme park of some kind. They are for favorite things of the year hero o matic online dating best of all-time, etc.

I was smitten with this story immediately. Kids have always loved to dress up, and frankly, so have a lot of adults. What I do know, is that I grew up in a household where creativity flirtation by rita dove interpretation definition generally celebrated, and I have always considered creativity to be one of my strengths.

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As a matter of fact, social media has actually increased the amount of bullying by giving the malicious bullies more tools to spew their venom … Laughing Pizza July 15, One of the best perks of being involved with Dad-O-Matic is getting to meet wonderful people like the members of the family band Laughing Pizza.

Some men are excellent when it comes to sweet talk but … Super Bowled Over: The music video shows the lead singer with his dad looking at old photographs along with many clips of home movies that really captures how precious our time is here on Earth and … How to Say Goodbye January 2, There are many songs that capture the shock that parents feel when they realize that their little ones have grown up in the blink of an eye.

The first one is from Sylvestor Stallone from Rocky Balboa. September 7, My experience as a Dad has definitely hit the next level with the birth of my first grandchild in April.

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Remember the catch phrase: This post was originally written in following the hurricane in Haiti. Baby formula and bottles, Sippy cups and big boy cups.

May 26, I can see Lucas playing basketball from my home office. You can see the distinctly different stages of our three kids: It really touched me deeply.

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A child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease. Too many people decide to remain silent which sadly makes them an accomplice in the terrorism they inflict on innocent victims.

His hands are as big as mine. The kind of thing that everyone shares in emails before the social interwebs came on the scene.

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When I went to … Boiled custard, warm cookies, and roasting marshmallows December 3, We asked our kids the other day where they wanted to go for the family vacation next summer.

August 18, Who says costumes are just for Halloween? He was only 13 and no one at school tried to help him which is the usual case. This list we are sharing today is for the best Christmas movies of all-time. His feet are as big as mine. There is no other way to explain it. If your family is like mine, family summer vacations are watershed moments in our lives that we talk about for years.

I do my best to capture the big moments in our lives like … He Looks Like Me January 2, My 15 year old son is only 1 inch away from being as tall as me.

It is one of … Talking About Tragedy: Brad Pitt plays an uber slick dude who works for the United Nations, and thus made me think the United Nations was cool again for the first time since I … The Last Diaper August 3, This might seem like a silly post but then again most of mine are, huh?

The Grab Bag June 4, We just got back from our yearly family summer vacation a cruise to Mexicoand we racked up another bushel of memories that make us all cringe and laugh. The premise is rather simple but so incredible in its delivery: Koe No Natachi A Silent Voice is an outstanding story about a bullied deaf girl and the impact of the bullying not only on her but also on the bully and all those around them as kids in school.

Livingston Larned which was printed a long time ago. It may not happen overnight, but it happens. And, she may have actually fallen in love with it. Two families learn that their sons were accidentally switched at birth so they have to swap them with each other after several … Never Say Never! The day was special…filled with all the usual cards and fun gifts that are easily anticipated.

I remember many times watching my father take pictures … Parenting Is Purpose March 3, In my business life I spend a lot of time thinking about and talking with people about purpose. My mother always drew and painted, … Cos-Play for Kids?

Listen to the show and find out how!

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Bullies are terrorists of the spirit when children are at their most vulnerable. This song by Michael W. For … Father and Son Advice December 30, Here are some motivational speeches from movies from fathers to their sons and in the last one from a coach Al Pacino to his players.

Those of you with teens and young adults getting ready to enter the workforce and start to … Flashbulbs of Memories March 6, When I was a kid my parents had one of those instamatic cameras with the square Magicube on top.


For some odd reason, she really loves to label things in our home. It would give you a flashbulb on each side of the cube and would automatically turn when you wound the film to the next frame.

If you know the answer, please share it. I imagine him feeling good knowing Dad is watching and appreciating him.