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But his most celebrated ultramontane work was a polemical one.

In the former Gorres describes the moral, intellectual dezyda dating advice political corruption of France in the course of the eighteenth century as the major cause which led to the revolution. Editor of the Merkur[ edit ] In he again took up the cause of national independence, and in the following year founded Der rheinische Merkur.

Strong sense, with a sort of sulky indifference toward others, are the characteristics of his manner. Der Allgemeine Frieden, ein Ideal He now studied Persianand in two years published a Mythengeschichte der asiatischen Welt History of the Myths of the Asiatic Worldwhich was followed ten years later by Das Heldenbuch von Iran The Book of Heroes of Irana translation of part of the Shahnamathe epic of Firdousi.

He returned to Koblenz inand again found occupation as a teacher in a secondary school, supported by civic funds.

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The success of the work was marked, despite a ponderous style. He criticised the second peace of Parisdeclaring that Alsace and Lorraine should have been demanded back from France.

Its occasion was the deposition and imprisonment by the Prussian government of the archbishop Clement Wenceslaus reportedly due to his refusal to sanction in certain instances the marriages of Protestants and Roman Catholics.

He harangued the revolutionary clubs, and insisted on the unity of interests which would ally all civilized states to one another. The embassy reached Paris on 20 November ; two days before this Napoleon had assumed power.

He was summoned to Munich by King Ludwig of Bavaria as professor of history in the university, [7] and there his writing enjoyed popularity. His father was moderately well off, and sent his son to a Latin college under the direction of the Roman Catholic clergy.


There was also in the Merkur an antipathy to Prussiaexpression of the desire that an Austrian prince should assume the imperial title, and also a tendency to liberalism —all distasteful to Hardenberg, and to his master Friedrich Wilhelm III.

In this work he reviewed the circumstances which had led to the murder of August von Kotzebueand, while expressing horror at the deed itself, he urged that it was impossible and undesirable to repress the free utterance of public opinion.

In he married Catherine de Lasaulx, and for some years taught at a secondary school in Koblenz; in he moved to Heidelbergwhere he lectured at the university. After the Treaty of Campo Formio there was hope that the Rhenish provinces would be constituted into an independent republic.

These studies led to his work Die christliche Mystik 4 vols.

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He escaped to Strasbourgand thence went to Switzerland. After much delay he received the embassy; but the only answer they obtained was "that they might rely on perfect justice, and that the French government would never lose sight of their wants".

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