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CEC of Georgia applies electoral stakeholders to timely pass all procedures necessary for registration and actively engage in ongoing electoral processes. At the same meeting, the Commission announced a competition for the vacant positions of the District Election Commission temporary membership.

The observers were monitoring the electing process through the CEC electronic voting program. It should be mentioned that the CEC of Georgia expanded the capacities of electronic registration program and in addition to the possibilities given to the political parties to appoint their representatives and members at election commissions, the observer organizations for the first time are also granted with alternative, simplified option to appoint their observers online, through electronic program for the upcoming presidential election.

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Registration procedures for observer organizations have been also launched deadline to apply for local observer organizations is October 18 and October 21 for international organizations.

Hokejovy zapas slovensko cesko online dating Central Election Commission of Georgia calls upon all electoral stakeholders, international and local observer organizations and media to actively engage in election processes, wishes each of them success in their activities.

Training included introducing DEC officials with amendments made to the election code. CEC extends its gratitude to voters for their active cooperation.

We would like to remind you that contest for temporary membership at District Election Commissions is announced and the process of appointing temporary members at DECs by authorized political parties is ongoing.

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Election Administration has already started implementing certain electoral procedures according to the schedule of electoral activities, including the registration procedures of electoral stakeholders: The process of electing DEC temporary members was observed by the representatives of three local observer organizations and was conducted in an open and transparent environment.

August were defined as the dates for submitting the applications. In total applications were submitted for the vacant positions announced at 73 DECs.

At the news briefing held at the CEC, Ana Mikeladze, the CEC Spokesperson announced that starting today the process of applying for political parties and initiative groups as well as candidate registration is open. The course included such important topics as election process management, case proceedings, effective financial management and electronic registration.

The CEC defined the minimum number of signature of supporters necessary for nominating the candidates for the upcoming Presidential Elections.

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In addition, rules and terms of the contest of Precinct Election Commission members in Georgia, as well as abroad was determined.

As for the media outlets, we would like to remind you that, since the election is officially appointed, they should go through the election accreditation procedure until October 23 accreditation received during the non-election period is not valid for the election period.

In order to be accredited, organizations and representatives of media outlets may apply to the relevant election commissions for registration. In addition, EA representative while communicating with the voters will have the relevant certificate of the PEC membership.

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The ordinance issued by President of Georgia with the countersignature of the Prime Minister of Georgia entered into force today. Election Administration EA launched implementing the electoral procedures defined by the election legislation. Nomination of a presidential candidate by the political unions and an initiative group of voters shall be endorsed by signatures of no less than 25 voters.

Accordingly, active engagement of electoral stakeholders is important to support openness and transparency of election processes.

Information about the electing temporary members and about the results of the roll-call vote will be published at the CEC webpage. The scope of the latter was increased by the CEC and besides political parties being able to appoint their representative at election commissions online, this year, for the first time, registered observer organizations for presidential elections will be provided with an alternative, simplified registration option to appoint their observers online through the electronic programme.

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Since the legal act entered into force on August 1, election period has been launched. Tamar Zhvania, CEC Chairperson opened the event; Ms Zhvania stressed the importance of such meetings and discussed ongoing electoral issues with participants.

Considering the terms defined by the legislation, the CEC, upon the appointment the election, on August 1 announced two-day competition and immediately published the relevant ordinance at the CEC webpage.

Political parties and initiative groups already may apply to the Chairperson of the Central Election Commission CEC of Georgia with the statement to nominate the presidential candidate until September 8that will grant them a possibility to timely start the procedures of collecting signatures of supporters no less than 25 signatures.

It should be noted that only one candidate was registered at 23 The Commission adopted the schedule of electoral activities, where all election-related activities and terms are prescribed in detail.