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It was like homecoming game, and Jesus just scored another touchdown. I continue to mess up. I don't know who I thought I was but I quickly got put in my place.

My mom looked at me and her whole face changed. The only thing I trust myself to do is fail. Now, if these men, Matthew and Luke, set out with a falsehood between them as these two accounts show they do holy ghost filled women dating the very commencement of their history of Jesus Christ, and of who, and of what he was, what authority as I have before asked is there left for believing the strange things they tell us afterwards?

My testimony of the gospel grew as I prayed, and the Spirit witnessed to me the truth of the book and the Church.

I'm being put in positions to where I can only depend on Jesus or whine and doubt but I'd rather pick Jesus. I want to be like that. They gave me the first discussion and asked me to study what they were teaching me. Yet at the end of my confirmation I felt a pit in my stomach, almost as though something had been vacuumed out of me.

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The drums started playing, and the organ came in; this was the prime time for demonstrating your Holy Ghost—ignited praise. I wanted to sin, more.

He even agreed to take our entire family to church. As she waved her hand, her diamond studded fingers sparkled. But as the drums continued, I felt more comfortable, and my feet started moving.

I wasn't enjoying my time with Christ. I said something else so that they would leave. It was like a mental game I would play with myself to see how long I could go without getting a drink, going to a party, having sex, etc.

You tried everything else. A Series of Surprises The missionaries continued to teach me, usually during the day on Wednesdays. I have my devotionals and I have my quiet time by choice. No one forced me to make that decision for Christ and it is not my place to force my friends to do the same.

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It was comforting that the Book of Mormon referred to them, to the Tower of Babel, and to other people and places in the Bible. For some reason, I thought that would make me "more Christian. What is comforting to know is, due to my relationship with Christ, He already put me on game to the enemy's tactics.

His voice got higher and his words a little more emphasized.

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But they were ecstatic. Did these two agree, it would not prove the genealogy to be true, because it might nevertheless be a fabrication; but as they contradict each other in every particular, it proves falsehood absolutely.

Being confirmed and receiving the Holy Ghost was a sacred experience. I said I once was lost, ah. I anticipated a memorable occasion that would bring an energizing closeness to the Lord.

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To discover that the Lord had raised up such a prophet—and that we continued to have prophets on the earth—was wonderful! But what I am is a year-old young lady with a heart for God. My cakes were notoriously bad, and theirs was really good.

Sister Baker walked back up to the microphone and began to sing. Like xoNecole on Facebook. Maybe not as often and eventually some of us grew apart, which is okay.

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I don't know what I even remotely thought that looked like but whatever imagery popped up in my head when I heard that statement, that's exactly what I thought I was striving for. I remember wanting to give up, but I prayed to Heavenly Father, asking Him that if His Church was on the earth, would He please help me find it?

He's meddling with relationships, marriages, your children, your job, your school. She just jumped straight up in the air; up and down, and then she started spinning in circles.

A Knock at the Door

So I agreed and committed to read a copy of the Book of Mormon. But I believed that Adam and Eve were real people who had actually lived on the earth.

The Holy Ghost must be real powerful! I looked up at Sister Baker for some type of help.

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What's different now is I actually have a desire to do right by Pops and not just do right for the sake of doing right. They taught me the discussions and challenged me to get baptized. I also identified with Book of Mormon teachings on the actuality of a premortal existence.

I haven't lived long enough to have it all figured out but I have learned a few things since becoming a super Saved, Sanctified, and Holy Ghost-filled, Christian. Wrote a blog post about it. I asked her why she would think such a thing, and she told me it was because Mormons placed high value on family and many had large families.

A Knock at the Door Days later, I heard a knock at the door and found two Latter-day Saint missionaries standing on our doorstep. They asked if they could come in, and I agreed.