Detailed Review Summary of Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger Detailed Review Summary of Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger

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Ignorance is most undervalued in a student. And contains some immature characters. I found the fanciful contraptions to be more exciting than taxing.

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Sophronia flopped over onto her back with a sigh. So she had pressed the dumbwaiter into the service of espionage. Sophronia, with great restraint, held back a triumphant giggle. Barnaclegoose was taking tea.

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Her musings were interrupted. Barnaclegoose was a large woman of progressive inclinations—which is to say she supported vampire and werewolf social reform, played a good deal of whist, kept a ghost in her country cottage, and even wore the occasional French gown.

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Sophronia hails from the country and is often put down by the other female students, who feel they're higher in status, wealth, and connections. Is that really efficient?

Barnaclegoose, who was not the kind of woman to appreciate the finer points of being crowned by trifle. Without allowing Sophronia a rebuttal, the lady waddled from the room, a plop of custard trailing down her fluffy skirts.

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The endearing characters and the sense of humor make up for any problems with the plot I may have had. The idea of a floating school is undoubtedly very strange and yet not unappealing.

My favorite scene was Sophronia's conversation with her vampire flirt rapport newspaper on one of the school's several balconies. Sophronia squirmed over to the pulling cable, but before she had a chance to grab it, the dumbwaiter began to descend—fast.

Other than that, it pretty much feels like coming home into a hilarious universe of werewolves, vampires, high tea, and the art of eyelash fluttering.

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At the center of the plot are several mysteries that Sophronia and her friends are trying to solve. She's honest to a fault and a very good friend, and she wants to succeed at the academy and prove to her family that she can be a lady of quality.

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To find out there were robots everywhere? And I do have to mention that Sophronia is by far the coolest name the author has come up with so far. After a brief, and primarily one-sided discourse with her mother, Sophronia is packed up and sent off with the mysterious headmistress to finishing school, in the hopes of finally becoming a lady.

She closed her eyes and contemplated the possible recriminations soon to emanate from her upset mother.

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It mostly felt simple, predictable. I felt a little cheated that the author borrows so heavily from already established ideas and that some others felt almost anachronicstic.

Really, I did not expect this to feel so young. What were you doing inside the dumbwaiter? The loading door on the third floor sped past, and then the one on the second.

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Copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. She cracked a cautious eyelid. That evening, while engaging in appropriate behaviors for young ladies of quality, Dimity and Sophronia keep a close eye on Monique, anticipating her retrieval of the prototype from whatever corner she stashed it in.

The flywayman with the gun struck the headmistress across the face with his free hand. But she always figures out how to solve a problem. He was the very latest in domestic mechanicals, about the size and shape of a daphne bush.

Gail Carriger Booklist Gail Carriger Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Etiquette and Espionage Sophronia Temminick is undeniably and unattractively inquisitive for an aspiring lady, and is sent of to a finishing school with a most exciting and distinctly unfinished outcome.

One evening, while all of the students and the majority of the professors are attending a play, Sophronia, Soap, and Vieve go on an adventure to the neighboring school for evil geniuses in hopes of laying eyes on the machine which the fabled "prototype" is needed to operate.

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Demonstrating excellent use of the skills that she learned at finishing school, Sophronia uses the guise of fainting to retrieve the prototype and replace it with a cheese pie, while none of the concerned parties noticed.

Violence Hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, blackmail, and breaking and entering. Rcommended for fans of Gail Carrigers or those completely new to her writing.

Several lengths of india-rubber strapping made up part of the drive mechanism.

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There are mechanicals, robots that trundle along tracks and serve as maids and butlers, a vampire professor who is well-versed in the appropriate manner of dressing, and three female professors, whose jobs involve teaching the delicate art of ladylike behavior as well as instructing the girls on the benefits of eyelash batting, well-timed fainting and other apparent frivolities.

But for this, I shall disturb her. Barnaclegoose had arrived with a stranger in tow.