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Hook up computer to tv rca, choose a video to embed

And my computer monitor has much better resolution than my old t.

How to Hook up a Windows 7 Computer to a TV: 12 Steps

Try to avoid either of these connections if possible. Right-click on your computer's desktop and visit the "Properties" link. The rest is simple. Then I realized not everyone wants to spend another couple of hundred to buy a new sound system. Can you hook up a game system to a computer monitor?

Hook up computer to tv with S-video cable

Can a DVD player be hooked up to a computer monitor? It can be done, my son did just that but the details are very dependent on just what graphics card you have, just what TV monitor you have, your operating system, and some other stuff like cables and distances etc.

TV signals normally have a single signal cable or might have red, green and blue with a combined H and V sync that the PC monitor won't recognise. Step Attach your cable or satellite receiver to the DVD's input if it has one.

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Look at your electronics store for a 'TV-out' card. Now you have the ability to use any PC speaker set as external speakers for your television.

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Using the RF coaxial connection is your best option. However, computer monitors are small and not ideal for movie viewing with friends and family, for that reason knowing how to connect your computer to your TV becomes crucial and making that connection possible via RCA television sets is a simple and quick process.

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What we gain in visual and compactness we lose out in sound, probably because many who invest in a higher end set will have a speaker alternative. You should be able to purchase an adapter at your local Radio Shack or equal.

TV Ports Summary

This means you only need a cable that has red and white plugs. This will change your output from your computer screen to your television. First thing to check is the plug that plugs into the computer for bent pins. Unfortunately, DVI does not support audio so a separate cable will be needed for the audio signal.

Component cables blue, green, red may give you the best video quality, but won't transmit audio. It should turn off automatically if you plug it into your computer and turn the computer on.

It's possible, but unlikely for several reasons:.

Video TV Ports

Purchase an Audio cable with the red and white audio outputs and a single input. If you are in the market for an lcd screen and want to make dual use of it, look for one that includes a component R, Yb, G input in addition to the standard VGA connection.

If it doesn't, something is wrong. See picture at right.

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The newer hi-definition models cane give you multiple connection options for better quality. V cannot be used as a computer monitor. The video card in your computer must have a tv out ,composite or s video. Check out some of the PC speakers to the right to fit your budget and your desires. Almost all new televisions have an HDMI input.

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Yes, but not without purchasing some expensive equipment to convert the signal. He is also the founder and operator of Indyposted, an online newspaper and blog that focuses on the same subjects he writes about.

Hooking Up Your iPod to a TV With an RCA Jack | globicate.com

I had read the reviews on my particular model and found the only complaint to be "tinny speakers". Choose the display option and add your TV monitor which will not be an option as the output type. This complaint was constant, and it made me wonder, why don't these people use an external speaker system?

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You may have more than one HDMI port. The larger screen of the big sets really do make for great viewing of pictures and DVD's played from your computer. A sales associate at your computer store should be able to help you find the right hardware.

The picture to the left shows the cabling you will want to buy.