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This can only lead to hideous disk structure corruption. Aug 4, I haven't found anything via the forum search on this topic, but can remember, that this topic was brought up in recent months. Download Firewire Drivers below and if problems persist please contact the support for further assistance.

I did migration and transferred everything over to synch at least I thought-same music, apps, etc The record of back ups even show up on the mbp itunes.

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Do not plug in any FireWire devices until after you have disconnected the two computers from each other, or have stopped using target disk mode. Syncing Files Between Two Macs?

If the target computer's hard disk does not become available to the host computer, check the cable connections and restart the host computer. So when I went to sync the iphone it wants to remove all the folders I have set up.

Namely, the seiva elaborada yahoo dating of a drive to one machine, and then connecting to the drive to another machine through file-sharing on the other machine.

The distinguishing element is necessary to communicate to FireWire specific ports.

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Link and Lynx possess proprietary differences that distinguish it from the FireWire; therefore, a driver is necessary for FireWire applications.

Do I need to purchase the Microsoft office software in order for it to work? If you are using a PowerBook computer or iBook computer as the target computer, you should also plug in its AC power adapter. I want to be able to have another copy of those files on my MacBook, for editing on the road, and when I come home, to copy the modified and new images and files back to the external drive.

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In other words, all the data has to traverse the bus twice. In addition by using file sharing, the data have to go from the second machine to the first machine and then back to the disk drive. No need to configure manual IP addresses! FireWire is available in wireless, fiber optic, and coaxial versions.

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No need for firewire networking. Is there a file I can transfer from the imac to the mbp? Unplug all other FireWire devices from both computers prior to using FireWire target disk mode. However, a driver is necessary for FireWire.

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The drives can be mounted on both computers simultaneously this way. Typically, Windows will not provide an explanation; however, the device may simply not work.

SuperDrive For Macs Available? As far as I know Make sure that the target computer is turned off. The 2nd computer connected becomes a client-device on the bus, just like any hard disk or camera, etc.

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I'm aware that they won't work on anything past G4s and not G3s, but which models? The hard disk of the target computer should become available to the host computer and will likely appear on desktop.

The fact that they are networked over the same firewire daisy-chain is irrelevant. Not in the sense you're assuming. Anonymous on Jul 24, '08 I have two Macs, one for the road and one for home. How can I sync my iphone on the new mbp without messing up all my work or organizing my apps.

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However, when I change locations so that both macs have the same locations, the one that's not working says, Self-Assigned IP, yet, still no connection. This site is not responsible for what they say. FireWire drivers may contain support at the standard speeds for your device, support at future speeds, disk support, networking support, a comprehensive set of tools and applications, plug and play support for Windows, support for bit Windows Operating Systems AMD64 and Intel EM64t CPUsand a user friendly installation wizard.

Remember, firewire is daisy chainable so a number of devices can work fine on the same bus.

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Link boasts not to need a driver for Sony compatible hardware due to its seamless environment because the software is preinstalled or hard wired. Unfortunately nothing happens when I download it.

Pretty sure it works though. No it does not, and can not.