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Hookup operations manual for s-x900, series 9 ultrabook

This means that you go into Interface Configuration mode to configure the switch ports, and specify the VLANs you want to associate with each switch port.

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Press down on trackball to place cursor on HD Display screen. Find the code that operates your amplifier.

Enter All three are interface settings, so you first enter Interface Configuration mode for the port Interface There are three menu options avail- able: Turn on the device you want to operate. This switch is connected to a second switch via port1. Automatically searches all possible brand programming codes 1.

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You can change the sig- nal standard manually or have it hookup operations manual for s-x900 automatically. You can make changes to each option by moving the cursor to the desired option Contrast, Brightness, Color, etc.

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Page 20 For instance 1 and port1. Port Speed, Duplex Mode, And Polarity, How To Set The Speed Port speed, duplex mode, and polarity In most networks, you will not need to change the port speed, duplex mode, or polarity, because the ports automatically negotiate suitable settings.

Port Ranges Port Numbering Port ranges Continuous To configure a continuous range of ports at the same time, enter the range in either of the formats: Associate the instances with the appropriate switch ports Enter Interface Configuration mode for the trunk ports 1.

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Setup Menu - sets up the HD Display features. The scripts were produced by entering the following command: First check to see that the HD Display is off. The section configures the left-hand switch in the above figure.

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From Global Configuration mode, enter Interface Configuration mode by entering the command: Page 19 To check for the state of each port for each instance, enter Privileged Exec mode and enter the command: When all switches have the same priority, the switch with the lowest MAC address becomes the root bridge.

If you want the AlliedWare Plus switch to be the root bridge, you can do this by setting the priority to a value lower than With the cursor placed over the right arrow of Clock Set, press and hold the trackball down to move time ahead. Singapor e T: See the following pages for more detailed descrip- tions of the options listed below.

Allied Telesis Switch X900-12XT/S

Complete configuration scripts This section contains the configuration scripts for two of the examples in this How To Note. Problems not listed here may be installation related, see Installation Guide. Customer 5 Formats Customer defined formats and customer aligned setup settings.

To adjust any option, simply place cursor over option and press down on the trackball, to highlight the option.

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Once you select a new language, Video Mode Selects broadcast signal standard. Rotate trackball to move cursor to menu option; This section describes how to change them, if you need to.

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To change this, first enter Interface Configuration mode for the port or port range you want to configure. The default configuration RSTP is enabled with default settings on all switch ports.

Once the option is highlighted, you can make changes directly on the Option Status Display bar at the bottom of the menu or by moving the cursor to the left or right arrow of the highlighted option and pressing or pressing and holding down the trackball to The switches use RSTP to prevent layer 2 loops in the network.

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Video Displays image from composite video equipment connected to the Video input jack. This gives you greater control over the flow of traffic in your network, and allows more efficient use of bandwidth by using more switch ports.

The following are signal standards for the U. This manual also for: Check the configuration To check the configuration, first return to Privileged Exec mode by entering the command: For ports on the base unit, the module number is 0.

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Custom 10 Formats Customer-aligned settings of standard Preset factory-aligned formats. For the complete script for this example, see 1. Auto Select determines the pulse of the RGB input video source and automatically chooses the appropriate setting.

First, enter Global Configuration mode and enter the command: