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The Universal IS Adapter Whilst the main body of the adapter is mostly made from plastic, it looks for the most part to be well made as well as reasonably robust.

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Whilst these both worked and I was able to take injusticia social ejemplos yahoo dating with the phone, the level of grip on the phone was reduced and hookupz adapter definition I had to be a little more careful than I would have liked.

Whilst this narrow width was not a problem, height wise, the phone was just a little too short to properly fit into the cradle.

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First I lined up the phone so that it was in the correct position and then marked where the button was coming into contact with the grip Next, I unscrewed hookupz adapter definition clamp from the horizontal arm Then I simply cut away the silicone where the button would be.

Also, as stated in the manual, use a form of remote release. An electrical adapter, for instance, may convert the incoming voltage from V to 12V, which is suitable for a radio or other small electronic device. However many only work with the iPhone and on only some scopes and binoculars.

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Carry Case Upon opening this box you are then presented with the excellent quality semi-rigid carry case, which to me looks like it is made from a Neoprene type of material. So check everything so the lens on the camera is correctly placed in relation to the eyepiece of the binoculars.

There would be many ways of doing this, but I just used a piece of paper and then the dust cap from the binoculars that I had already removed from them so I could attach them to the tripod.

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Then you can put on "dingsen" where you have mounted a fixed mobile camera. Standard full sized optics, like a pair of 8x42mm binoculars will be a good compromise between size, weight and light gathering ability, both for digibinning and for general use.

As I said, for most standard sized phones this will not be a problem, but all I did was add a spacer, firstly I just used paper and then later progressed to some tin foil, but found some that I was still able to lodge it in there really well.

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For those who are interested and as you can see in many of the photos on this page, I used the same tripod that I currently use for all my photography and spotting scope reviews — the Vanguard ABEO Pro CGH Tripod and instead of using a standard pan handle or ball head, I prefer to use a pistol grip like the Vanguard GHT or GH that is far more intuitive and thus makes it quicker to aim your optics.

Carson Universal Sizing Guide.

HookUpz 0 Smartphone Adapter for Fieldscopes

This can be done by twisting the eyecup a little, or I found what worked even better was to simply click in the Lens Spacer that Carson includes with the Universal Optics adapter. I am sure that with a better photo app on my phone, time and some more practice, they will get better.

The two photos above were taken of a farm house located a fair distance from mine. The external black sleeve has a nice silky sheen to it and the graphics look great, this then protects a really classy and protective internal white box that opens like a book and has the words "Designed by Carson in New York" tastefully placed on the front cover.

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Possible if you do a lot to get it done I still had to use some zoom, but think this one was only about 2x and as you can see the quality is far better than those where a higher digital zoom is used.

The phone I used for the review was a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which has height and width dimensions of 12cm x 6. My first attempts were terrible, basically the photos were completely over exposed, but by changing the exposure settings on the camera app, I was able to get some reasonable shots.

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The best way of achieving this is of course by using a tripod. I could use the headphones and touch the check on this to take pictures. The photo on the left is of the chimney and areal of a nearby house. Once again and on my first few tests I just quickly created a buffer to stop this from happening.

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Fitting most phones to the adapter should be really straight forward and basically you just need to follow a couple of steps: Carson have also made a special sizing guide that you can use to test if your phone will fit before you buy it. These include Ethernet cards, internal Wi-Fi chips, and external wireless transmitters.

Packaging It is not often that I take the time to create a section on and write about the packaging on a product, especially for what is essentially an accessory, but I feel that the packaging that comes with the Universal HookUpz is worth a mention.

The full instruction booklet is pretty comprehensive and contains very clear instructions as well as diagrams on how to insert and align your phone, attach it to your optics, troubleshooting, useful tips, hints, specifications and customer service details.

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Spotting scopes are all designed to fit onto a tripod anyway and it is also really simple to attach most binoculars to one. Take a look at the links below to current prices as well as to compare them with others: To correct this problem, I found that with a little experimentation that it was better to try and get the camera closer to the correct eye-relief of the binocular, scope or whatever optic you are using.