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It was designed by sculptor D.

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It is claimed that such equestrian skills won Genghis Khan an empire that stretched from the Sea of Japan all the way to Europe. Upon arrival in Hustai, we check in our ger houssem 2018 madama jdi dating.

Khubilai khan moved to the capital of the Mongolian Empire to China, establishing the Yuan Dynasty, began losing its importance. Mongolia celebrates its independence and its rich cultural heritage with a festival of sports and revelry in Ulaanbaatar.

Stay overnight in ger at tourist camp.

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Feel the breeze in your hair as you ride a camel across the dunes before returning to the ger camp. You will get to explore Ulaanbaatar before flying into the South Gobi Desert to explore the world's largest sand dunes, the majestic 'flaming cliffs' where many dinosaur eggs were found, go for a camel ride, and then fly back to Ulaanbaatar to visit Mongolia's largest festival, the Naadam festival!

Upon arrival at the airport, meet your driver and you are transferred to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The place is known as 'Flaming Cliffs' was named by Roy Chapman Andrews, an American explorer who had visited Mongolia in and over the course of two years he searched throughout the Mongolian Gobi Desert and found dinosaur fossils and dinosaur eggs about cm.

In recent times, women have been allowed to enter and they now compete in two of the three events, horse racing and archery. The Hustai National Park in Mongolia is world famous for the successful reintroduction of the Prezwalski horse. It became extinct in the wild in and, sincehas been successfully re-introduced to Hustai from zoos around the world.

Many nomads live in the park itself, where they find lush grazing land for their animals. Or take a leisurely stroll through the town center. Visit opening ceremony of Naadam festival at the national stadium.

It was the first great Buddhist Monastery of Mongolia. On the way, you may stop for an optional camel ride in the sand dunes. You will get to see wild animals such as ibex and wild sheep, and the vulture. Naadam festival is celebrated every year at th July in Central stadium.

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Usually we are able to see the herds of wild horses grazing in the grasslands of the parks and other wild animals. Rest of the day is for rest and to recover jet lag and travel fatigue. Everything else was great. These spectacular dunes got their name from the noise made by the shifting sand in the wind.

You will visit the Gandan Monastery that is the largest and most famous functioning monastery in Mongolia; here you may experience the monks in worship and see the impressive Golden Buddha Statue of Migjid Janraisig.

Overnight in Ger Camp Meals: Both men and women compete in the archery games, using the traditional Mongolian compound bow that terrorized Europe when Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde moved their empire west.

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There are also visible remains of Neolithic graves. You will visit the Aryabal meditation center and learn more about Mongolian Buddhism. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner July - Day Naadam Festival During whole lovely day you enjoy watch Naadam festival or three manly sports such as wrestling, archery and horse racing.

Tonight is your first night in a traditional Mongolian ger camp. The monastery was damaged by warfare in the s, but was rebuilt in the 18th century and by had a full 62 temples inside. Thank you for offering it to us so we could see your wonderful country first hand.

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The dunes seem to stretch on forever like a soft ribbon of sand draped over the desert. Erdenebileg and architect J. Ancient capital of Mongolia Karakorum city was located on the right bank of Orkhon River and on the north-eastern slopes of the Khangai Mountain and founded by Chinggis khan inwas not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire but the epicentre of trade along the Silk Road.

The national park is rolling Steppe Mountains with rather large patches of birch and aspen forests. They participated in activities with us. The drivers were the best.

The ancient game of wrestling follows, with men competing in many rounds of competition. We will visit camel breeding family near the sand dune and will ride camel to the sand dune.

There is a beautiful green oasis known as Seruun bulag near the Khongor River. This valley is nestled deep within the hills and is a safe haven to get away from the desert heat.

Learn about the local wildlife in the Natural History Museum before taking a gentle hike through the valley to discover their habitats. We bid farewell to our drivers and fly to Ulaanbaatar where we meet our local transport and then we are transferred to Gorkhi Terelj National Park. At that time the inhabitants of city were mostly Merchants craftsmen who came to karakorum from all over the world.

Colorful ceremonies and parading soldiers kick off the celebrations. She obviously loves Mongolia and was willing to share so much of herself and her family with us. The quintessentially Mongolian art of horse racing follows, where up to horses compete, jockeyed by children so that the skill of the horse, and not the rider, is tested.

After wash and change, we will take jeep ride in the park. It is on top of the Genghis Khan Statue Complex, a visitor centre, itself 10 meters 32 ft 10 in tall, with 36 columns representing the 36 khans from Genghis to Ligdan Khan.

Every time we turned a corner there was something new and different to experience.