: How to be a stoic. Using ancient philosophy to live a modern life - Massimo Pigliucci : How to be a stoic. Using ancient philosophy to live a modern life - Massimo Pigliucci

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Practical Spiritual Exercises Appendix: Who do you want to be? In the evening, scrutinise how things went, how you reacted and if you acted in accordance to the person you want to become.

Instead it suggests that we remain in control piensa como hombre online dating our urges and desires. There is an old Frank Sinatra song that goes like this: What more can you do than your best?

Do you use the reserve clause idea?

How To Be A Stoic

Keep a highlighter handy and forgive an aging Seneca for his letters being less concise as you progress. My experience is that there is next to zero danger of doing too little in dating situations, but there is a constant temptation to do too much.

He finally met his end when Nero, his own student, politely requested that Seneca kill himself in front of his family and friends over a rather unlikely suspicion that he took part in an attempt to assassinate him.

Your new book offers an exploration of Stoicism through conversations with Epictetus.

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A partner is a preferred indifferent. All of which makes Stoic philosophy particularly well-suited to the world we live in. After some reading and reflection he found Stoic philosophy to make most sense.

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Most of his lessons were taught through conversations and lectures with his students but he never actually published anything.

I will indeed use the ancient road — but if I find another route that is more direct and has fewer ups and downs, I will stake out that one. Loosing your job is just an event. Do you define success as achieving similar goals?

How to Be a Stoic | an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

They held duty and honour as sacred obligations and they believed that every obstacle they faced was simply an opportunity — to test themselves and be better. And for something a little more modern: Or success could be that you tried to complete a marathon, regardless of if you finish or not.

As Cicero put it in the third volume of De Finibus, where he has Cato the Younger explain Stoic doctrines, an archer will do whatever he can in order to hit the target, but once the arrow leaves the bow, the actual outcome is not up to him.

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Goals are a big illusion that our society believes in. The next step is to put our newly acquired practical knowledge into action, by behaving properly in the world, which largely means treating others justly and fairly. But unfortunately even 50 Cent was no match for excess and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

It highlights the opportunities we have in the present.

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Oliver Burkeman writes in his book, The Antidote: I am going to suggest three lenses, so to speak, through which to examine the question: Seneca 4BC — 65 AD: Not to uncontrollable externals, but within myself to the choices that are my own.

Across the whole day I try to walk far and long enough to hit a 10 step goal. Spend time with people who are ahead of you in their journey and let them pull you forward.

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What have you found are the most beneficial Stoic exercises that people really feel have changed their lives for the better? And the ultimate question: Much is left also for those yet to come.

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The book discusses the three Stoic displines of desire, action and assent, and the four Stoic virtues: Why make yourself miserable, e. This is a really empowering message. Love and Friendship Chapter Learn from the inner thoughts of a great leader.

The behaviour and actions of others, or the circumstances in which you find yourself, may not be in your control but your reactions are.

Thomas Aquinas adopted these four virtues and added faith, hope and charity.

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When we fail to reach this fantasy outcome which is oftenwe feel bad. You will see influence from all of the above authors, whilst being written in a more modern and digestible way. In terms of movies, I actually have an occasional column on my blog dedicated to movie characters or situations that present a good occasion for a modern Stoic to reflect and learn from.

Learn to be good at change and uncertainty, instead of fearing it.

How To Be A Stoic, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living by Massimo Pigliucci

But it goes a little something like this: The next slides is my own attempt at reorganizing the same material in a way that makes sense for contemporary audiences and could serve as the basis for a curriculum in modern Stoicism. In fact, I think of Stoicism as the Western equivalent of Buddhism, with a lot of similarities between the two philosophies and some differences, of course.

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Not [to act] as a sheep, gently but at random; nor destructively, like a wild beast. Marcus Aurelius — Meditations: Pigliucci uses Ancient Greek, modern day and personal stories, and humour to explore each of these, firstly quoting what Epictetus had to say, and secondly dissecting his words to provide a modern day understanding of what he meant as interpreted by the author.

On this, see also my post on relationships. No, not really, as the notion is simple to grasp, but exceedingly difficult to consistently put into practice. Second, that our specific roles in society can be interpreted creatively, which means, for instance, that just because one is, say, a mother, it does not follow that one should behave as a patriarchal society would want her to behave.

The idea is to apply the fourth cardinal virtue: Your attempt was always subject to reservations, remember; you were not aiming at the impossible.