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How to hook up 2 channel amp to 2 substrate, related questions & answers

How do you hook up an amp without outputs? How do you hook up your power amp to your mixer?

Can I Hook Up Two Subs To One Amp

You install directly to the CD player unless they're more than watts. It depends on the amplifier. How can you hook up another amp to your sub amp for your 6x9?

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Can i hook up two subs to one amp Pre dating speed dating reviews How to have a christ centered dating relationship Can i hook up two subs to one amp New matchmaking destiny Can i hook up two subs to one amp Namaste dating israel I am trying to power 2 Kicker C12D4 subs off the sub output of a pioneer D I have a sealed box separate chambers.

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How do you hook up 2 6X9's to an amp? It has a Dual Mono amp section so there is no way that any sound can be crossing over unless the swithches are directing it.

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This sends the audio from your audio source turntable, ipod, mp3, laptop etc. Would this be driving the speakers too loud?

How to hook up two amplifiers 1 for sub & one for mids & highs

I have one svm 2 ohm sub rated RMS. Then you would repeat the process for the other sub. British singles dating site your subs' and amp's RMS power ratings are compatible, you can wire them together like this.

I have a QSC RMX in which both channels are driven even though the amp is in stereo mode and I am only sending a signal into input channel one.

5 Ways to Hook up an Equalizer - wikiHow

For most bass systems, you'll want to choose either a mono single-channel amp or a 2-channel amp. This is called a parallel set up. I would not connect a 4 ohm and 6 ohm speaker in parallel.

Repeat the process with the other sub. Check your amp's ratings. The only way that can happen is in Parallel or in Mono. This is a Home stereo amp, it comes with an extended 6 year warranty if you register it, I would check into getting a warranty repair before doing anything to it!

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I've owned three different 15" Cerwin-Vega models in past years and they all played very loud. If you don't intend to drive the amp to high levels, then why even consider connecting speakers in parallel?

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I need to see a wiring diagram of an MPX speaker box. If you have something other than the equipment I gave you an example of, repost with your equipment specs and I will walk you through it.

Is it possible to hook up two speakers and a sub to a 2 channel amp? You can go to the website and they so the manuals for the amps they make. I just need to see how it should be wired.

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You put the speaker wire in the amp and then put the other end in the sub At the back of the CD player, just splice into the wiring harness and connect to your rear left and rear right speakers. This is the link to some amps they make. Can i hook up two subs to one amp In other words, you can tell the bass is coming from a box in the trunk.

If they're over watts you need a power with in line fuse to vocal amp, direct ground, RCA's from CD to amp, a remote wire from CD to amp, speaker wire from amp to speakers.

Then take the other end and put it in the "input " slot on you power amp. If all speakers have the same impedance, the total impedance is the impedance of a single speaker divided by the total number of speakers.

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Finally connect the negative end of the second coil to the negative bridged terminal on the amp. If it's running so hot you can't touch it, in most cases it will be due to either the way the speakers are hooked up or the impedence of the speakers.

This is not recommended because you take a pretty big risk of blowing both of your amps. Two 4 ohm voice coils wired this way will produce a 2 ohm load.

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Verify that your amp has enough power for your subs. Turn on all of your componets to your setup, and if you have all the wires hooked up correctly the music or movie whatever your playing should come out of you speakers.

I was thinking the kicker cxa I saw the specs on the amp and saw that it pushed out more RMS to the subs under a 2 ohm load. Then wire the box to the amp using the push or screw terminals. I was a road DJ for 10 years, and the only time I used more than a single pairs of speakers was in really large environments, or at house parties where multiple rooms were used.

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My brother-in-law bought one from a friend and someone completely jacked the wiring. Does turning the bass or volume up high on 2 10 inch subwoofers pushing an watt amp weaken or damage your subwoofers time after time?

So if you connect speakers that are 4 ohm to the same channel you are running at 2 ohm.