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My knee was against the screen. They are the mfgrs and have a printable owners manual. Should I change the main board then. I called to a repair workshop and they told me to change the complete screen.

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Is the Sony flat screen TV Fixable? Would you like to merge this question into it? Anonymous Dec 25, how to hook to tv how to hook to tv dash Dec 26, i followed all the directions in angry single girl songs country quick reference guide and when i plugg in the ps3 in it blew up my tv.

When i turned it on there was a rainbow coloring area where it had been touching my knee. You will be needing a satellite tv receiver box to get signals from your satellite dish. I can't hook my ps3 up to my tv! Power light turns from red to green when powered up no flash codes.

The outside display… total loss where I can purchase screen for reasonable price?

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Do you have to hook up a ps3 to HD tv? I checked several power inputs from supply to main board, several showing, tough with no schematic. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

I have a broken screen.

How to hook up PS3 to computer monitor?

Reply 58 Richard June 6, at 4: A coaxial cable will be connected from your satellite dish and to your satellite receiver box.

We will try to be creative and fix it.

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Good idea to try to repair this myself? Merge this question into Split and merge into it SAVE In Sony Playstation 3 use the av cables red,yellow,white cables included with teh ps3 and connect it in the back or front of you tv that has the audio and video outputs and hit input one on tv.

An it has been less than three years of purchasing that TV. Sony has costliest product in market and that much of poor quality.

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What is the TV doing now? Changed the control board with all the inputs, but not the power board and still nothing. Reply 15 Eden April 21, at 8: There is no pic or lights on the screen and also no sound.

Anonymous Dec 27, i hook up my ps3 to my tv in still would not work i hook up my ps3 to my tv in still would not work tsking Dec 31, I can't hook my ps3 up to my tv! Is the tv ruined now or is there a part I can purchase? Reply 43 Don August 19, at 2: It also has some blue and red colors by the line.

There is also what looks like a star-shaped puncture, with irregular sliver lines radiating out from it.

How do you hook up the PS3 to your surround system?

Then make one good TV out of the 2. I changed the power supply board. Where can I get new screen? How do you hook up your TV to your Satellite Dish? How do you hook up your PS3 to the computher?

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Can I get the replacement screen on the ebay? The colour of the screen has now become very dull cloudy. TV was wrapped in blankets while transported. Reply 21 Denise Ross February 8, at 7: Reply 35 Amy October 12, at 8: The unit would not switch on today, so I did a factory reset.

They can be found for under 35 dollars You can actually get this cord from wholesalers for under 5 bucks at express. Can I get a place to in Nigeria for a replacement?

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Skyworth brand how much it will cost Reply 12 Gene May 24, at I understand LG makes these screens but I cannot locate a replacement.

Reply 13 Scarlita88 May 21, at Does anyone know where I can get a new screen. I have back light, I have remote on and off.

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Can anyone fix it? The tv works perfectly fine and i watch it almost constantly. The screen cost is same as the TV cost.

How do you hook up ps3 to television

If the port includes a cross-shaped 'hole' i. Reply 27 Tracy nalepa November 25, at 7: I figure if I have sound and backlight and it turns on and off, the power supply would be good.

Reply 10 Carey July 5, at