How to hook up car speakers in your room! How to hook up car speakers in your room!

How to hook up car subs in my room, share your voice

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Now you need to attach the amp to the sub. It won't be used and you don't want it shorting out so wrap it with several layers of electrical tape.

All i will need is a LOC with bass control, to tap into the rear stock sub beachflirt hersonissos 2018 dodge wire the amp kit like normal right?

That's cool it works though but dzamn your better off leaving it in the car where they belong!

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They say the problem is with the factory radio. Some have that option. Can that feature be turned off on the stock head unit?

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Annie January 13, at 4: First you need 12V power like in your car to power the amp so you need a cheap computer power supply aka PSU.

They're only a few dollars at most stores.


I can't hook my Atari to this. Now you're all set. Bet this dudes house is a pile smouldering ashes by now! Dante June 26, at When mounting the overhead monitor you will need to install it in the middle of the car for ultimate strength.

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Allan May 11, at The best way to do this would be to use a processor that corrects the audio coming out of the head unit before it gets fed into the amp. The amplifier amplifies that audio signal and feeds it the speaker output.

Now stick one end in the main power connector's green wire hole and stick the other end into any black wire's hole.

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You'll want to do it exactly like it was in your car. These might include flickering screens, black holes in sound, or rattling components amongst other things.

This is fine if you are buying that separately or you are building an in-car PC. Sometimes you really only need to use two audio signals. Once you have the paperclip in place, it thinks you've installed it in a computer and will turn on when you plug it in and flip the switch.

I need to clean the heavily processed signals. If you have an amp that has more than 2 channels, you may need to move the speakers and RCA cables around to get the right ones.

How do I hook up a subwoofer in my car? Access 18 best answers & solutions.

Have you guys worked on such a vehicle before? A car battery gives 12 volts, so does your PSU. Do I have to splice the LOC on both subs or just one?

Connect them to The Amp. You should be able to plug them into the cigarette lighter and strap them on to the allotted location.

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Hope to hear a response. So you can and are supposed to have your LOC installed along side your rear speakers. I want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol…. Subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own. If you're bridging two channels, make sure they're bridged the same way.

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Older power supplies tend to fail a lot and ebay sellers don't always list the max current ratings so if you want to be sure, get a cheap, brand new power supply from newegg.

Typically the only things that will cause an amp to shut down like that is a bad ground or a signal that is clipping causing the amp to overheat and shut down.

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Now i have nice speakers that i cant turn up loud. Also, the watt amp has watts rms x 1 channel 4 ohms bridgedand my sub is 4 ohms, watts rms watts max.

How To Hook Up Car Subwoofer In Your House Without Using Amp Or Computer PSU |

As for the black wire next to the red one, cut about two inches of that wire off and strip both ends to make a short with the red wire even less likely and also because you need a spare 2 inch wire later. Thanks and have a great day. The example attached to this step wouldn't be sufficient with its pathetic 18 amp peak power.

Mono amp for the sub When I play the radio the sound is low, lacks bass, cannot enjoy it at all. See the attached diagram. If we have a factory sub we typically tie the positives together and tap into the single positive lead of the sub and negatives together and tap into the single negative lead of the sub.

Turn on your PC. Previously had the same amp and sub with zero distortion. Fred hamdun February 16, at I cannot recommend this as your PSU could deep-fry your pasty-white nerdy ass any day of the week. The car is canbus equipped.


I have a F with Sony premium sound system. Stereo receivers, pre-amps, and integrated amplifiers rarely have subwoofer output jacks or offer bass-management options.

It is important that you don't lose or damage the old stereo unless you want your brand new unit to go with the car when you sell it. So many haters man! Ben March 23, at 1: Frank June 22, at I want to add amps and a sub. Here are some things you might want to consider doing: Can you do that or am I way off the mark?

If not, yeah I would grab a 4 channel line output converter and use two separate RCA cables — one run the front channel and another to the sub channel. The LOC is your input signal.

Car subs will sound crapty in your house. How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system Hint: Like if you have the Bose system?

We normally take it apart and mount the box behind a panel so all you see is the knob itself.