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How To Connect an Outdoor Wood Boiler to Indoor Furnace Pt1

This is the tedious part of every plumbing job that everyone hates. Here's the heat exchanger with my fittings that will allow it to mount on the wall: It does make a difference in the way it gets hooked up. The ThermoPEX is incredibly difficult to work with - it's very stiff and does not want to unroll.

In doing so, properly hooking up the unit is paramount for both safety and performance.

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Metal-framed insulation board can be used in lieu of the sheet metal, but it too must be spaced an inch away from the wall and have gaps between wall, floor and ceiling to vent narrador en tercera persona yahoo dating heat.

Once everything is connected, I have to reopen the water supply line and wait 10 minutes for the system to refill and repressurize. Compare that with the uninsulated closet With the wood boiler heating things, the lack of oil boiler noise makes the house seem very quiet.

No wood burning odor at all, and unlike my first rocket boiler, no fly ash is released I know that's a coal term, but what I mean is the ash that gets swept along with the exhaust, to be deposited outside the stove. I called the boiler maintenance folks 1st thing in the AM and they said they'd be out in a few hours, at which point I realized that the boiler failure is a blessing in disguise - it gave me the opportunity I've been waiting for!

I plan to encase it in insulation in order to keep the heat in the pipes instead of heating the boiler room's air. Same picture with camera flash, showing how charred the logs get: I then cut the return pipe - no going back now!

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Woodshed - July 23, Now that the plumbing is done, it's time to finish the woodshed. I've done a lot of modifications to the boiler since I posted in this thread and have documented it all on video. Of the two holes, the larger 5" one is for he ThermoPEX and the smaller 1.

How to Hook Up a Wood Stove Through the Basement Window

When the induction blower kicks off, it doesn't smoke. It held up well except for the very top, the constant abrasion of putting in firewood was too much for it.

The base frame of the woodshed is complete. Drilling the holes was incredibly hard work - it took me 3 hours to drill both holes.

Circular saw

We used the excavator to move the boiler to the site and lower it onto the pad: The bottom 5" hole was my 1st attempt; after an hour of drilling I hit a piece of rebar and had to start over!.

It also keeps the water of the inside system pressurized and isolated.

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Outdoor wood boilers can heat your home effectively if they are installed to your existing heating system properly. The smaller pipe at bottom fill s the boiler system with water from the house.


The ThermoPEX will enter the house thru the foundation, so I drilled a pair of holes thru the bottom of the foundation wall: The current backyard scene, looking a bit more put together.

Finally, after everything is running correctly, I packed the boiler's pipe closet with fiberglass insulation to reduce heat loss: The entire site with the boiler and posts in place, and the ground cleaned up: Rebuilding the yard from digging the trench, starting with the back path stairs.

I then cut the supply side of the loop: If they are installed properly you will notice no difference in the heating of your home. They have a very cool custom trailer built specifically for delivering OWBs: The hookup of the heat exchanger is not that hard if you follow the instructions properly.

Outdoor Wood Boilers

All the gravel is now dumped in and near the woodshed: The two waters mix through the tees. Next, we planted all the woodshed posts: When the boiler brings up the fire, it pumps lots of air thru the coals to start the fire and we get a decent amount of smoke for about a minute: I dumped it in the woodshed as best as I could; the tractor is actually a bit too big for the job, but hard to complain about the free loan of a tractor: You can actually see two 5" holes, one above the other, with the smaller power hole to the right.

I realized that I'd never fall asleep while wondering, so I finally went to the basement and checked the oil boiler it hadn't runthen got dressed and went out to the wood boiler it was running perfectly.

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The pipes on the inside of the foundation: The other end of the PEX, all plumbed. I cut out the fancy copper pipe and clamped a flexible radiator hose in place: Installing a stove is a do-it-yourself project that nearly any able bodied person can do, provided some basic guidelines are followed in regards to how the stove vents — in this case, through an adjacent basement window.

Hooking Up a Wood Boiler to a Furnace! - Video Dargoole

The pump green thing on the right will push the boiler-heated water up to the house. I plan to do a new update video next Friday showing how well it burns with all the tweaks I've done since the last video and using good seasoned oak. The OWB requires a small amount of power for it's controls and circulating pump.

Here's where the pipes enter the foundation: To this coil you will hookup the water pipes from the outdoor boiler. Update - June 19, The chimney is attached and ready to go!

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