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Take your red and white audio cables and put red to red white to white, you know the deal.

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Often, this cable will also have a green colored connector. Yes you can buy a game boy player which you attach to the bottom of the game cube that makes it so you can play game boy games on it.

This is called the remote wire. You can take the speaker leads off the back of the stock stereo and route them directly to your amp.

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Ben March 23, at 1: Rob G February 4, at 6: If it does, that would indicate possibly a poor ground for the amplifier. The strands are bundled in heat-shrunk plastic tubing insulation and are often protected by other materials, depending on the quality of the speaker wire.

Step Look at the back of your amplifier for the speaker wire terminals, which are usually small red and black plastic squares with holes in them. Keith April 17, at Remember to insert the positive polarity wire into the red spring connector.

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And they have so many variations! Can that feature be turned off on the stock head unit? Any ideas as to what could be wrong? If so, what LOC would you recommend?

How to hook up an amp with no after market head unit withwithout using rcas

Try switching the source for your remote turn on lead to a different accessory power source. There are some cheaper car amps which have inputs directly from the speaker leads of the radio, as well as RCAs.

Insert the negative polarity wire into the black spring connector.

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I recently was stumped with my lastest install in a ram pick up truck. Annie October 3, at Annie April 6, at 8: I have a bass knob already that connects to the kicker amp that I want to install.

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Let me know what happened. Hope to hear a response. Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference.

Mathew May 4, at 8: Mr Linville July 4, at 9: Is there any amp that will work with my stock head unit September 24, at 3: How can you hook up another amp to your sub amp for your 6x9?

My main concern is controlling the volume to a subwoofer.

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Additionally I would get a bass knob so you can have an independent sub level volume control as opposed to adjusting the bass on the head unit which will adjust bass levels to all speakers. Annie January 13, at 4: Annie Ashton March 31, at 5: Note that the wire is divided into two separate strands; each of the strands is called a conductor.

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Next how do i connect the wires in any case?? Basically, you need more professional, more experienced shop to help you.

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On the back of your mixer there will be to outputs that say "output". Thanks Annie April 6, at 8: If not, yeah I would grab a 4 channel line output converter and use two separate RCA cables — one run the front channel and another to the sub channel.

Anything I add must be tied in post factory amp. Is it possible that this car cannot be fitted with and amp and sub?

How To Hook Up Remote Wire To Head Unit

Thanks and have a great day. You will need the standard amp install kit after that. My question is if my oem amp is filtering out my signal to my 4 channel amp is it then best to tap the wires previous to the oem amp to achieve a better sound?.

Dave May 14, at 1: