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How to hook up sunpro oil pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge lines

Aftermarket Oil sender/gauge - How to hook up oil pressure switch

Ok which is the pressure unit on the t fitting? Then screw it into the female opening above the Oil Filter. This is so the circuit is protected, so if you get a short, it will blow the lights fuse, instead of melt your wiring harness!

As far as the oil pressure, I believe this is found on the top next to the dizzy on my engine, I wll verify if this is different like you said near the oil filter. I'll keep you folks updated on my efforts.

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For pressure gauges with less accuracy specifications, calibration at the points: After calibration, your data can be recorded in a table in this manner: Before buying the gauge i searched all over the internet trying to figure out how to hook up a SunPro boost gauge, which instead of having vacuum tube ran from the engine to the gauge, has nylon tubing.

The car has after market oil pressure.

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Make a small hole, or slit in the rubber grommet and push the nylon line through. Proceed with the calibration according to the following steps: Re the oil pressure sensor: It will bump the return line from the A.

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After system has stabilized, record the gauge reading and the weight. Hope this helped someone else who was a bit confused when opening their SunPro gauge and seeing brass fittings and nylon line! This franceville camping ariane dating the last pda meaning in dating what does fwb to finish my project and get this Jeep on the rode!

Spin the vertical piston and ensure that it is floating freely.

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Items you will need. This places the sensor near the headers, so some plumbing may be necessary. As liquids are considered incompressible, the displaced liquid causes the piston to rise within the cylinder to balance the downward force of the weights.

Current time is Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Hook Up Oil Pressure Gauge. How to install an oil temperature gauge | How a Car Works

The Volt gauge just goes to any 12V source, preferably the battery or alternator. You will want to tap into the side of the fuse that does NOT have power when the fuse is removed.

Ok the 12v source for the volt meter goes to the alt. The negative terminal features a "" symbol below it. The wire that was connected to the Dummy Light sending unit Turn the ignition key to one of these settings and touch the wire to a terminal within the fuse box until the voltmeter's needle moves, then turn the key off.

Slide the closed-eye connector onto the terminal and tighten a nut over the connector with a wrench. A common mounting location is against the interior-side of the firewall or within the engine compartment.

We will be eliminating that light so you can use the wire for your new gauge.

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Now take the other end of the Jumper wire and hook it to the tester using the testers clip. To hook the gauge up, you will need to look at the block, just above the oil filter.

Adding an oil temp gauge to SBC - how to?

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Make certain hook up oil pressure gauge all wiring connections are properly detached before pulling the gauge out of the car. If you would prefer running vacuum line all the way to the gauge, the fix is very simple!

How To: Wire up a Sunpro boost gauge with nylon line. - NASIOC

Although Sunpro produces a number of volt meters that look different, the process of hooking up the gauge is the same regardless of the external appearance. Any electrical I need to worry on this besides the light bulb. Repeat the process until the voltmeter's needle falls to a "zero" reading when the ignition key is turned off.

Poke the Tester into each of the openings till the bulb lights up. You can find this type of item at most hardware stores. Champagne Gold Opal How To: You should see the gauge move up to about 75 psi if your car is cold.

This wire will serve as the ground wire. Allow a few moments for the system to stabilize before taking any readings. I'm freaking "nukin" this cause I have the idea just worried about the power wires for lighting. Install the compression fitting onto the nlyon line, and screw it into the back of the gauge.

Super simple 1smknjoe, there are normally four connections for an electrical guage and is common for all of the gauges using a. Route the nylon line neatly, using zip-ties to tie it in place.

If the line breaks or fitting starts to leak, you can have a mess in the vehicle! I couldn't find very detailed information, so thought I'd do a quick write up on how i did this.

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Hopefully my information will be useful those working on 5. Also, I will complete the installation once I get a crush ring for the Equus adaptor. Connect the pressure gauge to the test port on the dead weight tester as shown in the diagram above.

Now is the time to put your electrical skills to the test. Please see How a Dead Weight Tester Works for a detailed description of the working principle of the device.

How to hook up micron gauge?

You can use the pressure port next to the distributor since its probably easy to get to on the Jeep, but just remember there is an alternate port just above the oil filter in case you need it. The reservoir accumulates oil displaced by the vertical piston during calibration tests when a large range of accurately calibrated weights are used for a given gauge.

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You should now be ready to hook back up your battery and start your car. You will see 3 connectors on the rear of the Gauge Pod that make your gauges work. Now, just cut the wire away from the connector leave enough wire comming out of the connector, incase you ever have to hook it up again.

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You will need to remove it and install one of the fittings that comes with teh CP, then connect the supplied line that comes with the kit. This relates to my effort to hookup a 5 gauge Auto Meter electronic set to my 5. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.! Was this answer helpful?

Route the line under the dash, being sure not to put it somewhere that will catch in the brake pedal assembly. I moved my gauge to the port by the oil filter and kept the factory sender tee'd to the turbo. Remove the bolt with a wrench and insert the shaft of the bolt through the closed-eye wire connector, then tighten the bolt into the panel.

Well that is all there is to it. Now take your Continuity Tester and Your Jumper wire, hook one end of the jumper wire to the end connector that cliped into the Factory Sending Unit.