How to connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone | Android Central How to connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone | Android Central

How to hook up your android phone to your computer, transfer photos from android to computer

Enjoy this side benefit. Back up your Android phone 3: Back up photos from your Android the traditional way. But don't wait until it's too late to start thinking about backing up your phone. Locate and select "Pictures" folder Step 7.

How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV (4 Methods)

Most Android phones ship with a cable that will make this connection. Look at the next popup dialog box on your Android. Can't really beat that.

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You can also choose to have StickMount launch automatically every time a flash drive is connected. The cable is six inches long, so you'll be able to set your flash storage device and phone down any way you'd like. Without it you're pooched.

Do you use a different method?

Method 1: ChromeCast

Have you ever noticed that there is an Auto Play dialog every time you connect your device to computer? If your Android phone didn't come with an OTG cable, you can pick them up off Amazon for super cheap. The operation is on Windows, if you use Mac, please refer to the related article in our website.

And this is how you begin to transfer the data.

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For instance, Photobucket Mobile will automatically upload newly snapped photos in the background to your Photobucket account. For a complete list of what gets backed up with Android Backup Service, head here.

Phones How to back up your Android phone Losing or breaking your phone doesn't mean you have to lose all your data, too--as long as you back it up first.

Once at that page I know it ourpix online dating for a different phone model than the one that you own look for the Downloads section towards the bottom.

How to connect my mobile to in my soundbox

The program will copy pictures off an android phone and transfer them to your PC. You might have a copy of the cracked images without knowing it. Do not unplug your phone without unmounting it first.

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On most operating systems this will happen automatically. Advantages of WiFi File Transfer: But if the network is public, please make sure that a password is set for safety issues. This service essentially backs up the apps you use and the settings that you have selected in most Google apps, making it easy to restore those settings on a new phone.

As long as your USB flash storage device is connected you'll be able to play media from it.

Part 1: How to Export Android Photos with Android Manager?

How to backup your SMS, MMS and call logs automatically With Google Backing up most of your data is actually pretty easy with Google, and it has gotten far easier over the past few years.

Let me know if this is the case and I can find a download link for you. Samsung Photos, as well as contacts, text messages, call logs, videos, music and apps are transferable if you try this awesome software.

Simple interface and operation 3. If you like the idea of having someone else back up your data, download MyBackup Pro. Open the drive, find the DCIM folder, and drag the photos you'd like to back up onto your hard drive.

Find out how to back up your valuable apps, contacts, messages, and more with just a few easy steps. With these settings in place, your contacts, system settings, apps, calendar, and e-mail will be restored whenever you set up a new Android phone with that same Gmail account.

Create, edit and save files to the home directory you just created on your phone. I don't know why mobile phone providers and manufacturers make it this hard to perform simple tasks like this. You can now safely unplug your flash storage device without risking corruption of any files.

Launch StickMount and then tap OK to mount the drive. It should prompt you to download a file named Setup.

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If you're OK with less storage, a thumb drive will do the trick. You'll also need to download two apps: Using your SD card in this way may shorten its life, so back up all your phone files to your computer hard drive. It simply should not be this hard to retrieve your pictures or sync files to and from a device!

How to check if your phone supports USB On-The-Go

So if you've got pictures and files to transfer or video files to watch on a long journey ride you don't have to limit yourself to a laptop or desktop computer, or wait for them to transfer over to your device.

Drag down the pull-down notifications bar and touch "Transferring media files via USB" option. Google has your back. Let us know in the comments section below!

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MyBackup also allows you to restore your data, should you need to do so. Luckily, to check if your phone is compatible requires just one app download.

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If your Android phone has an SD card, your computer views the whole thing as a big, expensive thumb drive. Most if not all Android devices use a USB connection for changing and transferring files, and thus conveniently work with flash drives, too. SongCloud November 11, at