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How to reroute washer plumbing hookup, circular saw

Rooter Plumbing is the only name transporte exocitosis yahoo dating need to know when it comes to laundry installation.

Make sure the screws aren't too long or they'll pop through the top of the counter!

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Mount a copper strap, available at home centers, about 4 in. If that is the case, just skip this step and move on.

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At this point, complete the wiring. The hot water line should be marked with red. As a result, you might have questions related to installation, function, malfunction or maintenance.

Design your new configuration so that the new drainpipes run parallel to the joists and between them.

Tools List for Hooking Up Washing Machine Plumbing

Why make a more permanent connection for one without the other? Assuming your washer has a male hose thread inlet, you can use a dishwasher adapter like this to connect it directly to the braided line. It recirculates the wash water from the bottom of the wash tub back to the top during the wash cycle.

You may need to customize these instructions slightly to fit your set-up.

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Solder copper pipe to the shutoff valves and mount the valves in the laundry box. Measure your laundry room and draw a floor plan showing the new cabinets, sink and appliance locations Figure A.

Electric dryers require volt outlet controlled by a set of to amp breakers. Remember to call for an inspection before you cover the pipes with drywall. It may have a crinkled end.

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If you have an electric dryer, you'll need a volt outlet nearby. Then tighten them an additional quarter turn with large slip-joint pliers. It could be a problem with the heating element, the dryer thermostat or the thermal fuse.

The process for connecting this piece will be slightly different depending on what material yours is made of. To avoid melting the plastic washing machine outlet box with the torch, solder the vertical lengths of copper tubing to the laundry valve before mounting the valve in the box.

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Use the plan to determine the location of the drains and supply lines. Before you install the sink base cabinet, lay out the positions of the water and drain stub-outs on the back of the sink base. In most cases, a height of about 16 in.

While you can use a few different tools here, one suitable option is a bimetal hole saw. For simpler installations, like those where you already have all of the hookups you need for the new equipment available, you may be able to handle the installation of your new washer and dryer yourself.

Cut out the old water supply lines. Use a sharp utility knife to cut out the plastic cover over the drain hole in the laundry box.

Washer & sink hookup | Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel DIY & Professional Forum

Step 1 Determine the new bathroom configuration to suit your existing home drainage system. Dealing with gas means a high risk of fire or leaks, so unless you are a professional in these areas, this is not something to attempt on your own.

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It's OK if it it's a bit too long. If this fails, consult the instructions that came with your machine. You can see that the white, plastic device has a big opening that allows air in.

Rerouting plumbing

Leave the pipes long and cut them to fit later Photo 5. Test them with your hands to see if you could accidentally unscrew them.

Put the countertop back onto the cabinets and attach it from below with screws.

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Center the sink plumbing on the sink base. Remember to leave yourself room to get behind it to hook up the necessary pipes and wires.

The nozzle to the right is an overflow port, which is connected to a pipe that dumps water out the bottom of the washing machine onto your floorinstead of letting it overflow the tub and possibly get the motor wet.

Hand-tighten the slip-joint nuts. Red will be for hot and blue will be for cold.