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Hp stream 14 review uk dating, storage and ports

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And while the playful design isn't for everyone, it will definitely stand out in a crowd. This is a basic laptop and gaming or 3D scores are not worth talking about, since the last time I checked most budget laptops only returned single-digit frame rates; but, they suffice for playing browser games like Angry Birds.

Skype was a bit resource hungry around MB constant useso I have disabled it unless I need it. Despite the heavy pressure required for each keystroke, the keys themselves felt light and flimsy, and I briefly worried that they would come off if they were banged around in sandbergs smycken online dating laptop bag.

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The HP Stream axnr is a compact budget laptop that is designed to compete with inexpensive Chromebooks. I skubis du ir ateiviai online dating an Office license, but I don't use OneDrive so that was irrelevant to me. However, this comes with a significant g weight penalty.

The Stream 14 has no Ethernet port, so you'll be dependant on Wi-Fi. It's also identical to the Samsung Chromebook 3, which highlights the Stream 14's position as a Chromebook competitor.

The Stream line has always sported bright candy colors, and although the unit we reviewed was bright blue, you can also get it in purple.

HP Stream axnr Review

It also compares well to Windows-based competitors, like the Ideapad S That's enough to get a student through a full day of classes, and outlasts the Ideapad S 5: Now onto web browsing.

While this Windows-based system may offer a more familiar OS environment and ostensibly support the programs and apps you're used to, the performance just isn't there.

However, it's absolutely fantastic for what it has been designed for. The matte plastic finish may not be luxurious, but it registered every click and gesture without trouble. Interestingly, this is where performance was a little below what I had expected.

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Laptop Mag There's a war going on between Microsoft and Google, and because of that shoppers will ultimately win. In many ways, yes. Design The Stream 14 has a lightweight plastic chassis, measuring Has OneDrive storage and Office free for a year.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a lot of bloatware that you'll likely want to remove right away, like a collection of game trials from WildTangent and apps from Amazon and Priceline.

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The HP Imagepad uses clickable zones in the lower corners instead of discrete mouse buttons, and supports multitouch gestures. It lasted 9 hours 17 minutes on our battery rundown test. Its inch, 1,byresolution screen is bright enough, which is an advantage if you sometimes work in a dimly lit room.

Good selection of ports. If you can put up with having a few trips to the computer Labs whenever you encounter software that needs a GPU or a high processor, this is a fine choice for those on a budget still wishing portability as their top priorities.

You also get to enjoy a full terabyte of OneDrive storage, and a complimentary year of Office Personal among other niceties.

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Everything else I use is cloud based such as music and Onedrive for documents. You will get slightly better battery, though, from the Inspiron 14 9: The palm rest has a textured pattern and gets a dash of two-toned style thanks to the white keyboard. That's pretty much what we expect in this price range, as both the IdeaPad S 3.

This is similar in both size and weight to other inch systems in this price range, like the Lenovo Idea p ad Swhich measures I will start by saying I purchased the signature edition from the Microsoft store so I did not have any bloatware installed just the basics.

Computer Science For the majority of computer science students, this laptop will be enough for your undergraduate degree. The white chiclet-style keyboard has good travel, has a nice contrast to the chassis hue, is full size and is comfortable to type on, and the one-piece touchpad is responsive.

I installed Office Pro in less than 3 minutes and still had 13GB left on the internal storage. In fact, it fits into the most little of spaces including on an airline tray table or even in your laps at the local McDonalds as you edit a TPS report or term paper.

The Stream 11 has a small performance advantage thanks to its higher clock speed, and the screen is marginally better. But is the HP Stream 11 a winner?

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I have a relatively high-powered desktop for game playing, so I don't need to worry about trying to play on this Stream. You'll also find a Kensington lock slot and an audio headset jack. I am able to play p high bit-rate movies and you tube videos IE11 not Chrome.

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Display The Stream 14 has a inch display with a x resolution, which isn't uncommon in this ultrabudget price range.

Software and Warranty Microsoft offers manufacturers plenty of help in appealing to the budget crowd with the Stream and other Chromebook competitors.

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Additionally, the HDMI port allows you to use the Stream 11 on your flat screen television for large screen entertainment. Audio The HP Stream 14 has a pair of downward-firing speakers, but on this laptop, you'll want to use a pair of headphones.

It offers a inch display, all the basic ports you'll need and good-enough performance that will get you browsing the web and typing up papers in no time. Trusted Reviews Yes, if you have to stick to a tight budget.

However, larger web pages took a little while to render and could be sluggish at times. In addition to offering companies the OS for free on models in a certain price range and configurations, Microsoft bundles in some attractive extras.

This makes a significant difference to the overall running of the machine and I would recommend this to anyone that has bought it. If the Stream 11 doesn't quite fit your needs then check out our regularly-updated Best Laptops and buying guide. Battery life is where the HP Stream 14 shines.

Very attractive--looks a lot like a Macbook Air.


That is what I am basing this Steam 14 review on. As a result, while the Toshiba Chromebook 2 offers better hardware and a nicer screen, the Stream 11 outmatches it for sheer value for money. This makes it a no-brainer for shoppers that are looking for a budget laptop that will help them to get things done on the go.

Ports The port selection is a bit slim on the Stream 14, but it's adequate for basic use. The keyboard has a nice touch--very similar to the Samsung or Acer Chromebooks.

Major browser support

The Hulk's skin looked to be the right shade of green, explosions flared orange and the lightning crackling off of Thor looked bluish white. Long battery life; Eye-catching, colorful design; Solid battery life The Cons Flimsy construction; Dim display; Underwhelming performance Verdict The HP Stream 14 is affordable and fun to look at, but its build and display quality could be better.

That's better than the Inspiron 14 nits and similar to the IdeaPad S nitsbut we prefer a panel brighter than nits.

That works out to When I watched the trailer for Thor: But it's also worth repeating that this is a bare-bones, budget laptop that was designed to compete with Chromebooks, and a system such as the Samsung Chromebook 3 could be a better answer for budget-minded shoppers.

HP Stream axnr The Stream 14 uses a 1. The display's color accuracy isn't perfect, with a Delta-E rating of 3. When I ran through basic aspects of testing, like snapping a photo with the webcam, there was noticeable lag for very basic functions, and when I tried running multiple browser tabs, things slowed and stuttered with only five tabs open.

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