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Vent your anger on me. China Daily Blog Xie began his unusual career inwhen he took part in a promotional show at a supermarket.

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The whole idea of paying money to punch someone is so bizarre and perverse, I wonder what kind of people would be willing to do that. Xie enjoyed the experience as well, so he kept doing more shows.

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On very rare occasions the punching bag will volunteer to get in trouble for reasons like getting paid for it or they feel they dont deserve to be treated fairly. Human Punching bag Getting blamed constantly A human punching bag is a person who is innocent but they get the blame for something they did not do.

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Xie Shuiping actually volunteers to take punches from random strangers, for a fee. Trope A human punching bag is a person who is innocent but they get the blame for something they did not do.

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Poolman on Dec 20th at 9: Some of the reasons could be that the person in charge such as a school principal or police officer or boss prefer the trouble makers over the punching bag.

Xie is busy planning his next move — he plans to take his act to the United States next year.

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China Daily Blog Away from home and short on cash, Xie one day decided to capitalize on the unusually strong abs he had developed through years of manual labour and qigong, an art that many Chinese believe strenghtens both body and spirit.

Each person who comes forward is allowed to punch him three times in the stomach, as hard as possible.

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The audience members were invited to hit him over the head with wine bottles; apparently, the show was a big hit. Financial rewards aside, the human punching bag also likes to think he helps people let off some team as well.

The man appears to have abs of steel, hardly flinching when he receives hard punches to the stomach.

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In a job the person could be the loser or the outcast who is not liked by anyone and get in trouble for the smallest mistake well other workers or students get away with mostly anything. Sometimes they are tricked into being one like when the "Cool kid" becomes friends with the punching bag but in reality is using them example would be if they are going to do something illegal such as underage drinking in public they will ask the punching bag to get some beer and usually is more then willing to do it so they can get into the "club" after the gang is finished they will tell them to guard the hide out and then when the police come and smell the alchool and see the empty bottles they will be the only one around to take the blame since they smell like alchool and was the person who bought it in the first place.