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It can be hard not to judge; the Andes gave me the tools to beat that temptation and to be more open. I love the fact that you can find such a flirtease lounge pants on Netflix, but I love the documentary itself a little bit less.

Does being human mean being humane? Humano is a documentary made by Alan Stivelman, it his first feature as director and it really shows.

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We talk about religions, cultures and connections. When I was 20, I was doing it to reveal something to mankind; everything that I did back then had a messianic quality to it, but not anymore. Alan has greyish blue eyes and a sincere gaze. There he learned how to become one.

Everything seems to point to the fact that the human condition is something personal which everybody understands in their own way. This formula is fine but a little repetitive by the end, though the substance over style approach helps it from being boring, the issue is that there isn't enough substance….

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And if that is the case, what does it mean to be 'humane'? He really is an urban adventurer: This is certainly one of those, but it's a little less about the physical journey and much more about the inner journey of a man and of Mankind. Then tell your friends: I found out almost by accident that Alan, a 28 year-old filmmaker from Argentina, was going to be in the French capital when I saw an advert for his documentary, Humanoon my Facebook timeline.

Later on I discover that this is what the authenticity of his story is founded upon. The film talks about the beliefs of the South American natives shown, in an in depth and interesting way, with Alan taking part in rituals as the shaman describes what the rituals are for and discusses some interesting beliefs on the way the world works.

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That being said, people obviously tend to judge others and it takes a lot of work every day not to do so. And I love movies about journeys almost as much.

Maybe the entire point is that we should mirror ourselves in him? I guess I want to understand who this young man is a little bit better - why is he here exactly, where did he come from and what is his overall connection to this place The film follows a very basic format of just sit and talk about their beliefs, go do a ritual, animated segment, rinse and repeat.