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Pull up a chair to the tables, or take a seat on the comfy hutspot amsterdam online dating also for sale and order breakfast or lunch, desserts, coffee, tea, muslim speed dating johannesburg juice.

The cozy attic filled with books and plants at the Rozengracht location is also available for rent for lectures, conferences and workshops. Occassionally Hutspot hosts films, dinners and other events so be sure to get the latest update by visiting their Facebook page. The amazing manta ray hanging sculpture made out of giant fish hooks hutspot amsterdam online dating Vincent Mock is stunning.

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In addition to clothing or accessories for yourself, Hutspot is a great shop to find creative gifts and artwork for your home. We like the large candles in the shape of skulls, spray paint cans, and anatomical hearts.

B&B Hutspot - Amsterdam

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Shop for cool clothing, accessories and furnishings at Hustspot on Van Woustraat or on Rozengracht.

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