Song Joong Ki Profile and Facts (Updated!) Song Joong Ki Profile and Facts (Updated!)

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Song Joong-ki aired two parts in early On an Elle Girl interview July he confessed that he had broke up with his long-time girlfriend about three months ago.

The reasons why she likes Joongki are: He garnered straight-As from all his classes in his high school days. Park Bo-gum also played the piano while Park Hyung Sik sang a song at the wedding reception. You won't even imagine that the pretty boy has some weakness when it comes to dancing.

However, it turns out that his art classes is that only of a beginner's level, because even his teammates cannot comprehend his abstract artwork.

The enthusiastic Joong Ki claimed that he took art classes especially for Running Man's drawing challenge. In the second chance, he is also the qualifier for the final round.

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The part of his body he hate: Moreover, during Song Joong Ki's fan meeting in Beijing, the year-old actor shared a couple couple of photos from his phone, the Kpopstarz China reported. First, he faced Gwang Hyo rim and joong ki dating games in the Bibo-Bibo game, and they already reached a high number when suddenly, he made a mistake with the counting.

The show features games, missions, and challenges with teams competing with each other. When he becomes the MVP who saves the day Episode 17 Although he is smart, Joong Ki is always the first one to be eliminated during the name tag ripping game.

Song Joong-Ki

He even won radio asri sragen online dating award for perfect attendance, and was the student body president. Career beginnings and breakthrough[ edit ] Song made his acting debut in the period film A Frozen Flower.

But what's funnier is what happened next - after he arrogantly threatens him, Gary pulled back his chair and he fell off it! Here is the best part of it: He likes to sing ballad song and want to play guitar when singing like Bruno Mars. This cheesy train scene was the beginning of Song-Song couple, while the Monday Boyfriend, Gary, acted funny as he showed his jealousy towards Joong Ki.

He is a college student in Sungkyunkwan University, majoring Business Economics. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Both of them are married. Shared and compiled by: Suddenly, it was all romantic, lovely, and cheesy, as if the world suddenly stopped and the clock won't tick!

But given the atmosphere, she's most likely to say 'yes! Watching and seeing his determined face while doing a wave will definitely make you laugh! He faced against Gary in the 'I Came Alone' game, where one member calls numbers and the corresponding number of numbers must stand up.

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Thus, Gwang Soo wins and Joong Ki remained in the game. Some nicknames he gets from RM: Is he still single? Seeing the two in their romantic scene in the deck makes the other Running Man members go squeal even Lizzy can't hold it in.

Also, on episode 41, he once again showed his creativity in art by relaying the drawing that turned into something else. In one of the earliest episodes of Running Man, he showed off his sporty side by successfully executing the human rocket challenge.

He has good and close friendships with some stars: His innocent face and pride in taking art classes is simply funny! At first, it was a shy encounter until Joong Ki seemed to gain his strength in confessing to Ji Hyo.

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The facts are taken and compiled from some interviews, shows, and events he attend. He excelled in his studies all through high school and scored points out of on his national college entrance test[7] gaining admission to Sungkyunkwan University. But then again, he lost to Gary and he lost the chance to escape the card game.

He's also athletic and competitive. Now, after several rumors and reports, which revealed that Song Hye Kyo, will again collaborate with a close friend of Song Joong Ki, fans are speculating that the couple might be finally ready to try the knots.

The two might take up the role of presenters for "The Shilla Duty Free", although it has not been confirmed. His ideal woman is the one who both looks cute and sexy.

His dreams are to be an announcer or PD. His funny drawings of toilet which he believed is a robot and kangaroo is just memorable.