Hyosung GV MPG - Actual MPG from 23 Hyosung GV owners Hyosung GV MPG - Actual MPG from 23 Hyosung GV owners

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Even after battery died, I just jump started it every time.

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The handlebars and seating offer an easy riding posture. The paint work is excellent and the minimalistic use of vinyl is a thumbs up to both Hyosung as well as DSK.

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World-wide, the class carries much more importance thanks to tiered licensing and tariffs on large-displacement motorcycles. The rear brake is functional and is a reminder that some bikes still come with drum brakes. Riders of shorter stature than myself may feel the reach to the grips is a tad long.

The white outer numbers show the kph, while the dark red on a black background inner numbers are for mph and are impossible to read in any lighting condition other than direct, unshaded sunlight.

Hyosung gv250

I rode a scooter before this, and I'm hooked forever. While the wideness makes it possible to move around to avoid buttock pain while riding, the width effectively increases the seat height for shorter-legged riders who need a more direct reach to the ground.

This number may decrease dramatically if used only in the city.

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I had to drill the muffler, which I hated to do. The saddle is comfortable and wide — which can be both a plus and a minus on the scorecard, justhookup mobile on your body type.

Expert Reviews on Aquila GV250

Foot pegs could have been a tiny bit further out for me. Hyosung launched the Aquila GV recently and it looks similar to the Kinetic Aquila sans the sissy bar at the rear.

Some vibration is present at high rpm, but it never becomes oppressive. I drilled the muffler because it was so quiet I felt a little bit at risk.

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As is common with cruisers, Hyosung offers factory accessories for the GV This is despite the front brakes having two calipers to aid braking. People stare at it and look at both sides while it's parked, as if they ought to know what it is but don't.

The wide, slightly pulled-back handlebar offers plenty of leverage to initiate turns, and when it comes to handling, the GV is a friendly companion, easily responding to rider input. The Hyosung is light years ahead of the Royal Enfield, I just jump on press the starter and away I go.

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Does the Korean company pull it off? However, the bike design is reminiscent of early years when cruisers had begun getting popular, and should appeal to an audience that wants a retro bike with loads of chrome. The Korean manufacturer claims a fuel economy of 30 kpl - our test returned a combined economy of 28 kpl on the highway and in the city.

There is no back rest or sissy bar, which is a rather glaring oversight for a cruiser.

A full-sized cruiser in a 250cc package

Windows roll down and people ask what it is. Install the windshield which I did to this one. The motorcycle that I had before this Hyosung was a brand new Royal Enfield that kept breaking down on me no matter how careful I was with it, it was built of Indian rubbish. On one hand, people notice it.

It is 4 months to Christmas and the start of our summer and I just can not wait to start touring again on my Hyosung.

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Rotating the handlebar in the clamps could help with this issue. The Hyosung GV is a nice looking cruiser that offers comfortable accommodations for riders of average height.

The black background with white and red readings work well and add a sporty element to the console. I want her off my back!

Hyosung GV250 Reviews

It's so light and small it's easy. Back tire went flat after 4 months, 3, km, puncture, handled well on flat tire.

I believe they teach ham-fisted brake application that must be unlearned when the rider moves to a bike with better brakes. MY wife is small, lbs, but we went on so many rides on this.

There may be some issues for shorter riders though, as the foot controls are stretched out far in front.