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They've both done better. Marko, along with his partner, never fell in the bottom all season which put them in the finale. This truly was amazing, and did a fantastic job of showcasing the ladies talents at the start of the season.

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This piece was really cool! After a really weird clip of the different styles of dance showcased this season on the So You Think You Can Dance stage, the top four dancers were brought out to learn a the results for one dancer who find themselves in fourth place.

I am so happy to know that Melanie, Marko and Sasha are still in it to win it! Anything in my Top 10 that made you wince?

"So You Think You Can Dance": Lady Gaga judges, the Top 8 perform

Judit i loved Melanie in contemporary and jazz, but i believe this show should be about acknowledging the dancer with the most dimensions and devotion and this season for me it was Jess Leprotto… judges were wrong so many times this s Jess, Jordan, Missy.

No wonder the judges praised her every chance they got without critique. Melanie showcased her exquisite acting and dancing skills once again, and Tadd proved himself an able thespian in his own right. Top 8, Mandy Moore: I mean, just accept the fact that these guys just seemed that way.

He replaced his original mentor, Joshua Allen after he had to withdraw. He requested to see another Tabitha and Napolean routine featuring Miranda and Robert.

Who Won 'So You Think You Can Dance'?

I was stoked to see this piece performed again. She selected the top-eight clown routine from Tyce Diorio, performed to the music from Water for Elephants.

This was probably one of his best performances. Unfortunately, Sheaden was eliminated in the top 9 week on July 25th The two women truly are breath-taking dancers.

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Filipino guys are reserve and conservative. The lifts and jumps were great, but the pair had zero chemistry. I have never been more proud of an individual that I have never met in person. And that's good that you've won a lot of trophies. He has been in Shake it Up and has performed with Ross Lynch.

The other two male dancers pictured with her were really stuck up. Marko was the last man standing and finished in 3rd place.

[SYTYCD8] Melanie & Marko [Lyrical hip-hop] 'I Got You'

Our prediction for who's heading home: He was also in the movie Step Up Revolution. Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps and commentary — including my season-finale review and interviews with the Season 8 top 2 — follow me on Twitter MichaelSlezakTV!

Their posture was impeccable. Equally deserving of the win, for wildly different reasons. Terry — you with me on this one still?!

So You Think You Can Dance - Melanie and Marko - Tango

Then, Tadd and Lauren F. You mean Tadd Gaduang and Marko Germar? The two were known as the season's power couple. Justin Giles Jess and Clarice brought a newfound sense of maturity and depth to my favorite piece of Top 14 week, a stark, skittery contemporary routine about the end of an intense relationship.

Jordan and Ade took on a jazz number choreographed by Tyce Diorio that played to her sass and flexibility.

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Judge Mary Murphy tells him he's her favorite dancer, and Nigel Lythgoe tells everyone to call their moms. Hooray for something new! Jesse Tyler Ferguson was up next to pick another one of his favorites, and he selected the Argentine Tango that featured Caitlynn and Pasha.

Every touch between the duo was infused with a disarming mix of attraction and revulsion, wistfulness and anger. I absolutely love this girl. He returned to the stage of So you think you can dance again for Season 14 as an all star mentor for Koine Iwasaki.

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So, how did everyone do? The training he had was not consistent and since the opportunities were not available to him, he learned from YouTube. Holy fruit boots, did anyone else notice Alexander had died his hair bleach blonde?! Hip-Hop I could really sum this routine up in two words: He comes from Filipino background.

Kudos Tadd, job well done. ZoeyZ She was obviously great in her style…which she got almost every week.