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I love my claws juicy and saucy.

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I understand people might get the odd meal that is not good but the ingredients in the dished tonight showed that they cut corners and use pre packaged frozen products I would starve rather than eat their food ever again Terrible Worst Chinese takeaway I have ever had I can't even understand how this place is in business with what was prepared The spring rolls were cheap frozen variety with no meat what so ever and a mush of vegetables with a hint of curry The sweet and sour pork was tiny bits of pork in a bread like batter with onion and sweet and sour sauce as photo graphedno pineapple and the worst dish I have ever eatenor didn't eat actuallyLogan Holme food court is more appealing than what we bought.

Grab the fresh oysters and sushi nearby while you are waiting, or better still, have a quick chat with the chef who is shy but friendly.

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Some of the crab dishes, were a tad dry for my liking. Among my preference, a simple dish of Penang Fried Kway Tiao with Seafood, and Stingray baked in banana leaves aka otah otah style.

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The fried rice was steamed rice with a bit of egg and a few random pieces of meat, not fried rice at all The dim sims were microwaved as the outside was tough and rubbery.

All the best — I will be so happy for the persons who win!

Been to Yahoo Seafood Restaurant? Share your experiences!

The thing about having seafood in Singapore is that the prices can be quite exorbitant and arbitrary at times, like I sometimes cannot fathom how some steamed fish at a zhi char stall can cost above hundred dollar. The chef who prepared these particular street style food is from Penang, therefore there is a certain level of authentically and home-cooked savour in these humble dishes.

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Other than the usual crowd pleasers such as Oysters, Flower Crabs, Tiger Prawns, Australian Queen Scallops and Black Mussells — all on the ice section — the cooked seafood with an Asian twist appeals to me much more. All you need to do is to Step 1: When restaurants take the total mickey and claim to be traditional and serve up cheap slop it is not only lazy but a blatant rip off.

My favourite part of the buffet is the Teppanyaki live station only during weekends where the chef will cook a selection of prawns, stingray, sotong and salmon right in front of you.

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Are you salivating yet? Put seafood and buffet together, and I am sure many faces will light up with tummies growling.