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But that's definitely the hardest part, just having to be emotional and go to those places every night, because it's a pretty dark show, but it has an uplifting ending.

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So that definitely changed a lot for me, and it was a really interesting experience, and I think that the only thing that brought that out was just time. Marin, at this point, she's like my mom in New York City because my family's in Massachusetts, and she's an amazing, amazing person, and she, every single night, just totally puts herself out there, no matter how many people are in the audience or any of that.

At that time, were there any artists, actors or singers that you particularly admired? You also filmed a role on "One Life to Live" at the same time.

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I was on the show for a year. Well, it's definitely bittersweet, and it's definitely been something that I haven't been able to prepare myself for at all. It was a little bit scary and kind of embarrassing, but that pelicula pobres ricos online dating a lot less now, because I'm not on the show any more, so I don't have to deal with it.

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It's kind of hard to wrap my brain around. I mean, I definitely don't think it's ever going to be a happy-ever-after story, but I think that she and Henry go forward in their relationship. My parents are kind of young, and my dad always listened to rock music and stuff like that, so I sort of grew up around that.

As far as acting goes, I didn't really have any major influences because it wasn't really something that I focused on. It was cool to do something new. I love the honesty and the respect with which they treat each other.

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When did you start performing? So I would be taking cabs from the studio to just rush over there and do the show, and it was so exhausting, [but] it was also really, really challenging in a very cool way. So it's a love story, and she tells the love story, and once she starts retelling it, it flashes back to me and the man who plays her young husband at the time, who is a Navy pilot in the war.

But now we don't live together. They just keep getting back up. Did you get to work with her at all? The audition was in August, so it was a month later — they called me and asked me if I would come in and audition for Next to Normal, for the understudy [for Natalie], for its out-of-town run in Washington, D.

Who did you play in that, and what was that experience like? To play opposite somebody in a show like this, it really, really requires a lot of trust, exclusive trust, and I have learned that with him, which has also been a really awesome gift.

Well, I started publicly singing when I was eight.

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Do you have any idea in your mind of what you think happens to Natalie? She's 87 or something, and she totally eats chocolate cake for breakfast and is the sweetest person that you have ever met. It's challenging vocally, but it's just funny because at a certain point, I realized that the show is really less about singing than I thought.

I love being at the theatre maybe 45 minutes before half hour so that I can take my time getting ready. How do you think playing the role has changed you as a person? Many viewers are drawn to the bond that Sutton shares with Kat and Jane.

You have to really be willing to open yourself up and be vulnerable every night in front of a lot of people, and that also took me a little while to get used to because it's not really easy. It blew my mind because I feel like, after being around for that long, to not even be a little entitled is awesome.

I would get noticed on the subway, and people would start yelling at me and stuff.

Meghann Fahy

You have to want to succeed. Is this going to affect their relationship at all?

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It still has the same punch and the same hit, and it still gets to you. I can't compare them, but they're both amazing, amazing actresses, and I've been so lucky to have both of them as mentors and role models throughout this whole thing.

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She just is so professional all the time. It definitely took a lot for me to learn how to pace myself and learn how to get through that eight-show week.

I think everybody at the theatre is just really taking every show, show by show, and really appreciating these last couple of weeks and just soaking it up

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