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Their head size to torso relationship is 1: I remembered the assertion made by the Director of the Museo Regional of Ica that the peasants of Ocucaje were making them.

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People and extinct dinosaur figures Polydactyl horses meryhippusesprehistoric elephants mastodon or dinotheresprehistoric camels alticamelusesand other animals Dinosaurs including triceratops, stegosauruses, brachiosaurs, pterosaurs, iguanodons, tyrannosaurs and pterodactyls, etc.

The recent earthquake did damage a lot of the museum, and supposedly it is being moved to another building. His house was sold and his collection of pottery dinosaurs was put in storage.

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Be advised that an April 15, magnitude 8. The unusual figures engraved on the stones amazed the archeologists who saw them: Of course, the document in question has to be verified, but it is unlikely that records of that antiquity will be lost in any short time frame, because several copies exist.

They had enough of them already. The images are different enough and include: With the collection were fauna, flowers, plants and trees representing a woodlands, forested lake environment. Does this piece depict surgery? It is usually examined in close detail, confirmed and then accepted as history; examples include recent finds of weaponry and cookware in ancient caves.

Javier Cabrera, a highly-regarded South American who still had questions. The third is the authentically genuine old stones that show a very high degree funny dating profiles quotes on life patina, aging, encrustations, and uniform weathering.

Ica Stone featuring stars and planets.

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Pictured with my foot, it exceeds 45 cm 18 inches in length. The high ica stones carbon dating is filled with drug operations and bandits.

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Tests have been carried out by: Ancient history is deeply engulfed in Peru. Javier Cabrera, and his interest in the origins and meanings of the Ica Stones began when he was gifted one of them on his birthday.

Most research confirms that without question. The stones are clearly carved with remarkable scenes of medical transplants, people riding dinosaurs, telescopes, and views of the planet Earth as it appeared 13, years ago that's right, 13 MILLION years ago, pre-stone age. This giant footprint contemporary with dinosaurs was also found in Dinosaur Park at Glen Rose.

Who could have walked the lands in shoes or sandals more than million years ago? On a clear night, armies of men armed with picks, their faces covered so as not to breath the stench of the graves, protected by amulets to defend them against evil spirits, with the silence as their only witness, perform the enigmatic task of literally uncovering the past.

Fantastic Finds or Forgeries?

Ocucaje lies in an immense desert criss-crossed by mounds of ancient rocks, perhaps the oldest on the planet. Was it perhaps because the tests did not yield the hoped-for results? This is how the circular patterning is shown on the animals on these stones.

A Strange Mystery Ancient Mysteries The Ica Stones The Ica stones are a collection of andesite stones that contain what are alleged to be ancient depictions of dinosaurs and advanced technology. Cabrera believes that some time afterward, they left to another planet, utilizing the nearby Nazca lines as a spaceport, before some unspecified catastrophe occurred.

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The conditions have to be just right. At other stages, areas such as the Ica Valleya habitable region separated from others by desert, developed a distinctive culture of its own.

Ehlers respected mineralogist in the geology department at Ohio State University teamed up to make a report. Sculptures of saurians in Prof. Alternative Thinking But, there is an alternative!

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The stones really are remarkably beautiful, ignoring all aspects except decoration. Kabrera had a similar point of view and considered that hominids on the Ica stones probably were not our grandparents.

He was not punished, and continued to sell similar stones to tourists as trinkets.

Library in Stone: The Ica Stones of Professor Cabrera – Part II | Ancient Origins

The stones were said to have been discovered in river beds. Peru Map The Nazca Lines are just one of the area attractions that make Ica travel so exciting and rewarding. Cabrera accepted the theory of evolution, but believed that the stones belonged to a race of advanced man who lived millions of years ago.

The textile had been authenticated and dated from A.

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When it comes to ancient Greek and Roman antiquities science is willing to analyze them to determine their age and their provenance because they do not threaten the paradigm like these artifacts do.

For reasons I do not understand, the rocks have received little attention. Just 10 minutes outside of town, this palm-lined desert lagoon is among the top Peruvian vacation destinations.

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This is unquestionably natural stone shaped by fluvial transport river rock. What makes this discovery startling though could only be seen on closer inspection, where trilobites one on each shoeprint were discovered embedded into the fossil.

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These 'hominids' appear to belong to a different branch of the Homo sapiens tree, something like a very large Neanderthal, or other Giant hominids. Cabrera's museum is so incredibly open that anyone off the streets can walk in and handle the stones.

First, there are the references from the Jesuit missionaries in and in ; the Spanish sent some of the stones back to Spain. When they were notified that they had authenticated Julsrud artifacts, there was suddenly academic silence.

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This is one of hundreds of different dinosaurs depicted in his collection. Meister made a startling discovery. Cabrera attempted to resolve the many scenes into a narrative, and from there to decipher a history of the civilization he believed made the stones.

Relacion de antiquedades deste reyno del Piru.

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Cabrera began his research and soon found that similar depiction of long-necked saurian type creatures were displayed on pottery on pottery in the Museum of Lima. No one can explain them.

Very Ancient image found in the Amazon shows 9 hunters surrounding a dinosaur A tapestry showing dinosaurs from the Church of St. Thank God for places like BeforeItsNews, where sometimes a seed of truth sees the light of day.

The clay figurines unearthed were made of clay and stone and were in various sized from inches to three foot statutes and dinosaurs over four to six feet long. Inan architect named Santiago Agurto Calvo carried out excavations in the graves of Ocucaje to try to determine if the engraved stones, of which he had a substantial collection acquired years before, came from them.