Tuning a dipole with an AH-4 Icom Tuner Tuning a dipole with an AH-4 Icom Tuner

Icom ah4 tuner to dipole antenna hook up, icom ah-4 antenna tuner: with modifications

I think I was speaking fast because it was cold! It operates on I will stress the point one more time: They say it's only low power but for someone who runs qrp it's what I'm running to try and make a contact.

HAM radio is a gentlemen's hobby it would be nice if we can continue to treat each other as such. Many ham videos seem to show the same practive over and over. This tuner requires about 10 watts Watts to activate and can handle up to watts.

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Click here to view mounting widerrufsrecht reisebuchung online dating. For mobile use Metersadd the optional AH-2b whip element optional.

I have had people say I should do some radials from the ground terminal of the AH If they no longer carry them I would bet DigiKey would have them. You will however, need a ground or counterpoise wire. When things warm up we will get back in the field with that radio.

Scenario one would just be the feed the end of the antenna itself into the AH-4, with no feedline. I'm thinking of OD green! The PLs must be soldered on by the user.

Commsprepper 2 years ago Mykal Anstrom 2 years ago I've been tempted to get one for my Commsprepper 2 years ago I think it's 16 feet with the standard cable and 25 with the optional cable.

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Whenever you feed icom ah4 tuner to dipole antenna hook up end fed wire or vertical antenna make sure you have a good RF ground or it won't work. I use the IC on the boat with the AH-4 and at home with a balanced tuner.

Memories are retained only when the power is on. I have also seen them at hamfests. In the end you want the cable short as possible. Click here to view wiring example.

Tunes very fast and keeps the SWR at or below 1. I ordered mine from www. However, Pactor 4 has not been approved for use in the U. I would suggest quality stranded wire with a larger awg than the standard cable LasVegasVocalist 2 years ago What is that Coax you have going into your AH-4 Tuner.

It provides reliable matching of frequencies from 3. Tuning transmits a carrier and causes interference to the other stations.

If you can bear with me to see if I have this right. Use a short heavy gauge wire or strap for this. If you run that mast as a vertical, you are going to have to run some resident ground radials too.

Guess you can try and see. I hope mine lasts as long. Just run the wire directly to the tuner and don't fool around with ladder line in a ZEP configuration, that only works on one band and becomes a nightmare on others. What's the total length of your loop wire?

Question on use of feedline with ICOM AH-4 antenna tuner

Does that effectively serve as a ground as well? Hope you got the tuner hooked up and all went well. Once a frequency is memorized, the AH-4 tunes on that frequency is less than one second. Move up or down at least 3 Khz, and drop the power so as to minimize potential interference.

The AH-4 is sealed in a plastic weatherproof case for convenient mounting outdoors under your antenna. This tuner may be attached to a pole using the two supplied U Bolts, or to a flat surface screws and bolts are supplied.

I'd still recommend the matching stub option for a permanent install where you want the least number of moving parts less to fail.

As I understand it, it would be better to have a feedline so that the antenna itself forms one straight line. With a dull finish!

My experience with ALE operations revolves around the Motorola Mobat Micom product line and those tuners specifically used pin diodes in their tuners vice relays because of the tuning demands of ALE networks.

Also where did you get the connectors for your extension?

Icom AH-4 Service Manual

I'm playing with Winmor right now but was wondering if there was cost-effective way to get an SCS modem? Certainly bigger than the stock cable that came with the tuner. Made a great video this morning using the mast as a vertical.

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The AH-4 comes with a 16 foot 5 m control cable that connects to the rear panel of compatible Icom transceiver. He sai I could extend the wires easily for the 70 odd feet to where the tuner will be at the base of a ground-mounted vertical. The manual says nothing about this.

Right now I'm running an LDG.


This antenna is 8. I use my AH-4 for field use also. A comment on the delta loop: Radio Shack used to carry both connectors. The LC combinations of 45 previously-used frequencies are automatically memorized by the AH I will need to read up on good RF grounding.

A 16 foot 5 m raw coax cable and two PLs are supplied to connect the transceivers antenna output to the AH-4 antenna input. Loops and Dipoles are balanced antennas and don't require a ground to operate. It is a PI-L network and in that respect is no different than an equivalent manual tuner of the same configuration.

I am very happy with this unit.