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Meanwhile, Ji-an is still hanging around the police station, and she dresses as a janitor to gain entry into the closed rooms. Now blind drunk, Dong-tak looks at the seat next to him to see Hang-joon sitting there.

Dong-tak says incredulously that Hang-joon was family, unclear why he needs permission handel classical musician dating go after the person who killed him.

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Episode 10 is also that of the cops or the guy with the brass knuckles. But they suddenly realize that an entire motorcycle gang is following them, though neither of them knows why. Ji-an tries to escape, but Dong-tak prevents her from leaving, thinking that she seems familiar.

The casting was on top of its game. But as he waited, the helmeted man came back and plunged a knife into his stomach. Doo-shik assumes he means Dong-tak, but Superintendent Ma tells him to frame someone else in a way that makes it impossible for Dong-tak to ever mention the case again.

Dong-tak warns Ji-an never to let him see her face, hanging up on her when she calls him a thug.

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Ji-an and Mi-nam walk into the empty station, but all they find is Yong-pal, still handcuffed to a railing, hee. Evidently Su-chang called Hang-joon often from the prison, and he was overheard vowing revenge for having been locked up.

He says that the attacker took off his helmet after knocking Dong-tak out, and the witness clearly recognized Su-chang. Dong-tak says that someone once said that detectives survive if they share the knives headed for them. Later at a movie theater, Hayley and Reginald share secret thoughts of being together despite their separate love lives.

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Yong-pal pulls a knife and begins taking jabs at Sung-hyuk, who barely manages to dodge the weapon. Stan decides to turn Roger in as a dirty cop but Chaz gets word and orders Roger to take out Stan.

The doctor insists he barely remembers Su-chang, and never performs illegal surgeries anymore. It was really interesting: When they are mugged, Roger feels insecure about his manhood and joins the Langley Falls Police Academy.

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The dusk also has a small effect. HA, they all jump at the opportunity. Dong-tak unwraps his bandaged left hand to reveal a half-healed slash in his palm, and he relives the events of that night. Minor details are erased from some scenes ex.

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Later, Dong-tak had left the car for something, and Hang-joon realized that he forgot his umbrella when it began to rain. A man wearing a motorcycle helmet passed him, but Dong-tak only stopped for a moment before continuing on.

Ji-an thanks him and asks if her work is truly interfering with his. Bewildered as to why the cop who arrested him even cares, Su-chang had asked if Hang-joon likes him, or wants him to be a snitch when he gets out.

It wasn't a terrible episode, just a disappointing one, from a show I hold to a higher standard than any of the other three, and I hope the show shakes it off quickly. She overhears that Su-chang killed a detective, so she calls her boss to let her report the story.

Hang-joon agreed that it felt wrong, then revealed that he actually found something, but he realized that he forgot to bring it.

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It contains many day to day scenes. He grabbed the umbrella and stopped to tie his shoe again, then went looking for his partner. It only makes Ji-an even more curious to know what the police are hiding. Detective Yoo must have changed his mind, because Sung-hyuk briefs the other detectives on Su-chang, informing them that Hang-joon arrested him for fraud six months ago, and he was released the day before Hang-joon died.

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He gets a call from Ji-an before he even leaves the building, asking to interview him. He tries again but Dong-tak knocks him to the ground, and a third attempt has Yong-pal landing in a pile of garbage. After the broadcast, Ji-an approaches the newscaster, Na-mi, while snapping pictures of her chest.